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Playtime Asoka & Crystal Hogger Events

A few events for T3Fun server... You decide for yourself if they are really worthwhile. Rose Spirit is of course in Lyndon Box.

Event Period: Oct 11-18, 2013
Collect as many Shiny Crystal Chests as you can as roulette rewards. The top 10 players will win one Prosper Weapon (AR33) of their choices. The top 11-20 players will win one Prosper Weapon recipe instead. The top 21-30 players will win 3 Elemental Jewels. For Prosper Weapon information, go to Overbleed Database and search for "Prosper".

You can get Shiny Crystal Chests from the roulette of the following missions.
  • Bounty Hunter - Demonic Porto Bello
  • Bounty Hunter - Demonic Dr. Torsche's Mansion
  • Bounty Hunter - Demonic Prison de Joaquin
  • Party Missions - All
  • Party Arena
  • Castilla Mine
  • Castilla Relic
  • Castilla Tower of Chaos
  • Hell Breaker
  • Secret Tower 2F/3F
  • Blood Fog Forest - Lost Time of Glory
  • Crow Forest - Lift the Raven Curse
  • Bahia Secret Room
  • Coimbra Nimrod Bridge - Angler Hunting Ground
  • Coimbra Nimrod Bridge - Merman Eater's Nest
  • Coimbra Nimrod Bridge - Nightmare Unicorn
  • Coimbra Nimrod Bridge - Strange Dungeon of Gullfaxi
  • Coimbra Nimrod Bridge - Ice Wizard's Tower Leo Room
  • Coimbra Nimrod Bridge - Greed of Treasure Box
  • Coimbra Nimrod Bridge - Hell Valley Chrysalis
Personally, I don't like spam competitions. It's bad enough you need to spam these missions. When only X number of players will win the items, you might end up spamming for nothing. Not really worth the trouble, I think.

Event Period: Oct 08 - Nov 03, 2013
You get 1 point per 10 minutes in-game. Asoka Card (Event) costs 1,700 points, which is 200 points more than the previous character (Battle Smith Idge). Dragonic Sword (AR32) costs 1,200 points, which is the same as the previous weapon Evil Polearm (AR34).

Ridiculous. The reward just keeps getting lamer or costlier. Asoka herself is fine, but they should keep the points at 1,500 or less. Dragonic Sword requiring the same points as Evil Polearm is just stupid. If they don't want to give out Evil Weapons, then at least replace it with Kurenai and reduce the point cost. I don't know if it's worthwhile keeping the computer running just for this..

Event Period: Oct 09-23, 2013
Some Face Book crap. Ten lucky winners will get J.D's Cape Pattern costume set.