Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Rosa's Secret Event

T3Fun is again having Rosa's Summer Event, but with different event rewards this time. I don't think there's an official notice about the event, so thanks to Eollica for sharing this in the forums here. The event quests seem to be the same as before, starting with 1 Small Watermelon Slice, etc.

The event quests include:
  • [First Quest Only] Buy 1 Small Slice of Watermelon (1,000 Vis) from Rosablanca.
  • Kill Rusty Zealot x15, Vedanobah x15, and Hell Hound x15 in Al Quelt Moreza Nartex.
  • Buy Frozen Marlin x1 (5,000 Vis) from Item Dealer in Outside Gigante. Buy Emmenthal Cheese x1 (300 Vis) and Silken Tofu x1 (500 Vis) from Camille in Coimbra.
  • Buy Ferruccio Milk x1 (60 Vis) from Camille in Coimbra, and Chocolate x1 (200 Vis) from Lisa in Coimbra.
  • Mission: Defeat Gracielo, Irawain, Baek Ho, then Gertrude (Human AR/DR 65).
  • Mission: Protect the colony (Object DR 52) from Mueletos Musketeers (Undead AR/DR 57). The martial artists will join your fight later.
I will post about Prophet's Forest later. Another underwhelming update, after so much milking with no new content for so long...


Ashardalon said…
Event was removed after T3 realizes it was on... Patch Notes - October 30, 2013