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Pirate's Chest Skin

This skin was last updated to v2.02. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be optimized for v8.5 clients, as there are 2 missing images - button to maximize a skill, and character data background for weapon costumes - resulting in blue blank squares. I have made quick modifications on 2 files - button.bmp and gauge.bmp - to add in the missing images and changed the EXP bars. Links to the patch are also included in the instructions below.

Copyright 2010 Park, Jeong-Min all rights reserved.
Setup Instructions (v8.5)
Go to Pirate's Chest v2.02 web site.Click on the link on the top-right corner of the post. Click on the link that says "PC" to download pirates_chest_2.02.exe file.Run pirates_chest_2.02.exe file after download has been completed.Select the skin sub-folder (e.g. C:\Program Files\Granado Espada\release\user\skin).Press "E" button to extract the skin files.Download from -, File Dropper, or Media Fire.Unzip piratechest85patch…

Fixed Drops: Lucifer Castle Warehouse

The following data list the fixed drops from v8.5 game client (SG) for various monsters in Lucifer Castle, Basement Warehouse. See [v8.5 Feature] Lucifer Castle Raid for more information. Fixed drops are basically what you can find in Wordwood: Granado Espada Maps. Other types of drops are not included. 

MonsterFixed DropsWarehouse Mini-Boss50 Enchantment Chip Veteran (1/1), 10 Symbol of Naraka (1/1), 2 Archangel's Heart (1/2), 2 Seed of Rafflesia (1/2), 2 Siren's Scale (1/2)Twin Nephthys2 Dragon Heart (1/1), 5 Rhodolite of Nephthys (1/2), 5 Holy Water of Nephthys (1/2), 5 Otite of Nephthys (1/2), 5 Corazon of Nephthys (1/2), 10 Symbol of Naraka (1/1)Stone Cortes5 Cortes' Desire (1/2), 5 Cortes' Ambition (1/2), 5 Cortes' Murderous Intent (1/2), 5 Cortes' Delight (1/2), 5 Cortes' Sorrow (1/2), 10 Symbol of Naraka (1/1)
Warehouse Mini-Bosses include Experimental Undertaker, Wolfriner, and Chimera No.666. 
Note that Hell Lord, Hell General …

Recruit Grandies

Unless otherwise stated, all quests must be done in sequence. See also クエスト/NPC/グランディス (Jap). See also Recruit Vincent for the other new character.

[130] Red Hair Swordwoman
Prerequisites: Completed Judgment Day scenario ("Round Table Conference" non-combat mission).
Synopsis: After the defeat of Montoro, Raven brought Grandies out of the castle, and left her at the nearby cabin. But she just stayed there speechless, as if she is a marionette with her strings cut.
Talk to Raven in Red Sunset Forest (I6).
[130] Speechless Girl
Prerequsities: Completed Demonic Jurgen: Call of Leonele quest, Red Hair Swordwoman quest (see above).
Synopsis: Grandies, who was cloned by Montoro to be his replacement body, is having visions of what seems to be the memories of the real Grandice. That was what prompted her to fight against Montoro's will.
Talk to Grandies in Lucifer Castle Entrance (H3).Talk to Grandies in Lucifer Castle Entrance (H3) again.
[130] The Memory of Grandice
Synopsis: Gran…

Sword 171: Christmas v8.5

This week saw a lot of changes in the New World. There were 3 main additions - v8.5 Update, Christmas Event, and EXP Event. Personally, we would prefer the 3 additions not to come together at the same time. It would be better to spread them apart, so you can just do one thing at a time (e.g. leveling) without bothering with the other two.

In any case, v8.5 Update opened up a series of new quests. We would prefer to do them slow over the next few months, but the problem was that the quests were all required to open up new maps, raids, or repeatable quests. So in the end, we still rushed through them like most other families. We will submit a more detailed report of each storyline later.

Lourdes (Grace) had been waiting for the reduction of Great Stones required for expert stances, so she finally received [Superior Blaster] as a gift. She collected more Ancient Runes and reached Master Lv.7, while Brisingamen (Karjalain) reached Veteran Lv.8. The update revised family level calculatio…

Magic Circle 24

Magic Circle 24 (Korea) is now available until Jan 04, 2012. Other items include Grandies Character Card, Vincent Character Card, Indigo 9 Weapon Costumes (rifle and pistol), and Indigo 9 Costume Set (Lionel). This was previously mentioned in Update Preview 10.0: End of Montoro.

Santa Costume Set • Body Costume + Hair • Asoka Santa Costume Set • Body Costume + Hair • Valeria Stance Ring Box x3 Home Premium Service - Advance (15 days)

Imperial Wheel V: Christmas 2011

Imperial Wheel V (Japan) has been updated for Christmas, available from Dec 22, 2011 to Jan 04, 2012. See the official notice - インペリアルホイールV Special Edition開催!. The various weapon costumes are all costume versions of existing weapons. Click on image below for full-size view (950x1295).

Rubber Arm Lavaleaf
Weapon Costume • Great Sword

Avaricia Roar
Weapon Costume • Elemental Bracelet

Theaters of Chimera
Weapon Costume • Sabre

Novia Tragic Love
Weapon Costume • Sword

Mockery of the Treasure Golem
Weapon Costume • Pistol

Hatred of Necroshaman
Weapon Costume • Crossbow

Santa Costume Set
Body Costume + Hair • Asoka, Mifuyu

Santa Costume Set
Body Costume + Hair • Valeria

Elite Le Noir Recipe
Assorted recipes for DEF Rating 32 armor.

Character Recruitment Sets
There are also sets for various characters - Cruz, Ludin, Lionel, Lisa + Catherine Torsche, Ralph, Helena, and Beronif. Each set includes the character card(s), unique stance book (such as [Furious], [Punisher], etc.), Blue Serpent Armor (DR31)…

Christmas 2011

For Christmas 2011, Sword 2 is having another imported event from Korea. See Christmas Event Patch Notes for official notice. For the same event of other editions, see the following:
[Korea] 그라나도 에스파다와 함께 인생도 점핑[Japan] 聖夜の救出大作戦2 and GM ピノッキと「聖夜の救出大作戦2」!![Singapore] Granado Espada Christmas Event There are 4 event NPC located in Thueringen Lakeside, offering a total of 4 missions and 1 quest. Each mission can be attempted 1/day, and lasts up to 30 minutes. The 2 missions from Santa Soldier (Male) are basically modified, recycled missions from Christmas 2010, but much easier for new players to manage.

1. Villain With Gun
Max. Participants: 5 families
Talk to Santa Soldier (Female) to start this mission. You will be moved to a small map, similar to Mission: Spotlight. Fight Santa Bernelli (L70 Human), who can inflict debuff status such as [Freeze]. After a while, Lightning Turrets (L60 Other) will spawn, and they probably can inflict [Shock] status. Defeat Santa Bernelli, and talk to Sant…

Fixed Drops: Lucifer Castle Laboratory

The following data list the fixed drops from v8.5 game client (SG) for various monsters in Lucifer Castle, Basement Laboratory. See [v8.5 Feature] Lucifer Castle Raid for more information. Fixed drops are basically the sort of drops you can find in Wordwood: Granado Espada Maps, which sadly is no longer updated. Other types of drops are not included.

MonsterFixed DropsKing Fordoi/Vordoi1 Constellation Box (1/20,000), 1 Symbol of Naraka (1/50), 1 Dragon Heart (1/90,000), 1 Red Jewel Fragment (1/20), 1 Unicorn Horn (1/20)Lab Mini-Boss5 Constellation Box (1/2), 5 Symbol of Naraka (1/2), 1 Dragon Heart (1/100), 20 Red Jewel Fragment (1/2), 20 Unicorn Horn (1/2)Death Wraith5 Dragon Heart (1/1), 5 Death Wraith's Leg (1/2), 5 Death Wraith's Nail (1/2), 5 Death Wraith's Teeth (1/2), 5 Death Wraith's Crystal Piece (1/2), 10 Symbol of Naraka (1/1)
Lab Mini-Bosses include Mutated Frogfish, King Dragon Head, King Betelgeuse, Corrupt Takion, Corrupt Elminor, Wrath D…

Alliance War Shop

In v8.5, Alliance War (aka Legion War) comes with its own shops located in both Royalist and Republican Embassies, accessible from Reboldeaux and Auch respectively. Besides the listed price, the shop also consumes Shop Purchase Points, which should be accumulated during the war itself. Empire's Weapons are designed for crafting Strata Devil Weapons, and (in a later patch) Evil Weapons. The other stuffs (e.g. Poison, Flag) are used for war.

The screenshot above comes from Singapore game client (v8.5). Moon Stones (worth 10,000 feso) are known as Earth Stones in Sword 2 servers. 
Edit: Changed the screenshot to show Gold Rosario as well. Gold Rosario has base DEF Rating 1, uses Veteran Enchantment Chip, and has the same enchantment table as Silver Rosario. See Wordwood: Granado Espada (Korea) Rosario.

Sword 170: Dragon's Fang Hammer

Lourdes (Grace) continued to collect Ancient Runes in Errac and reached Master Lv.6. Brisingamen (Karjalain) and Mirajane (Lisa) reached Veteran Lv.7 and Lv.5 respectively. The various missions dropped Symbol of Sagittarius, Symbol of Capricorn, Symbol of Libra, Symbol of Gemini, Symbol of Aquarius, Symbol of Aries, and Symbol of Virgo. We opened 4 Reward Boxes of Supply acquired from Product Distribution during Colony Wars, and received 2 Training B Cards, 5 L90H EXP Cards, 3 Veteran B EXP Cards, and 2 Veteran G EXP Cards.

We wanted to trade a +7 blunt, but ended up buying a cheap Dragon's Fang Hammer instead. Its base attack is the same as Toy Hammer, but it looked really nice at least. (Steel Fortress looked like crap.) We considered waiting for Angel Moroni's Mace, another good-looking blunt, but it probably won't be as cheap.

With limited Enchant Sedatives, we decided to leave the blunt for now, and enchant ATK Rating 33 weapons first. We used 48 Enchant Sedatives an…

Sword 2 v8.5 Update

Sword 2 (US) will be updating to v8.5.2 on Dec 19, 2011 at 5 pm (PDT). [Source] The last update (v6.7.1) was in July 2011, so it was a span of 5 months just like the previous wait.

Key features include:
New Character: Lionel Devil WeaponsLucifer Castle Basement RaidClock Tower Mission
Sekhmet Party MissionLegion War: Dronarati (Royalist) vs. Sahasrha (Republican)
See Version 8.5 Release Notes for more information. See also GE-SG v8.5 Update and Book of Fire: Patch Notes for more articles on v8.5 features.

Some Stuffs On Legion War
The war is held on Sunday, 4-5.30 pm (PST). See A Short Guide To Alliance War for more player's perspectives. For a list of hostile maps, see Book of Fire: v8.3 Patch Notes, plus Lago Celeste (v8.5). For Secret Society quests, see Secret Society: Souveran (aka Sahasrha; Republican), Secret Society: Esmero (aka Dronarati; Royalist), or Pegadilla Mercenaries (Neutralist).

Game Updates for Other Regional Editions
It seems that IMC is updating multiple editions…


Cooking recipes can be obtained from Journal Analyst in Abertal (D8) by exchanging 25 Old Journals #1, 2, or 3. The journals are dropped by monsters in Via Fluvial, Abertal, Deprimida Valley, and Capybara Plantation.

Ingredients are dropped by various monsters in different maps. Panfilo's [Battle Cook] skill can cause some monsters to drop ingredients they do not normally drop as well. The only exception is Cook Stone, which can be acquired via alchemy in Viron, such as using Grade 1 alchemical materials. Bring both recipe and ingredients to Panfilo in Reboldeaux for crafting.

DishJournalIngredientsEffectSpider Steak150 Spider Meat, 20 Honey, 10 Clear Rum, 10 Beet, 1 Cook StoneATK +10% vs. MonstersBoar Steak150 Brawn, 20 Honey, 10 Clear Rum,
10 Beet, 1 Cook StoneMax HP +3000Wolf Steak150 Wolf Meat, 20 Honey, 10 Clear Rum,
10 Beet, 1 Cook StoneMovement Speed +10%,
ATK Speed +10%Comodo Steak150 Comodo Meat, 20 Honey,
10 Clear Rum, 1 Cook StoneDEF +10Meat Stew2

Update Preview 10.0: End of Montoro

New Korean update preview is now available - 업데이트 미리보기 - 10.0 몬토로의 최후. See also Play Forum article GE, 10.0 업데이트 - 몬토로 자작의 최후 .

1. Judgment Day: End of Montoro
Added last Lucifer Castle scenario quest - Judgment Day. You will receive quest mail in Viron, if you have cleared the previous Lucifer Castle quests. There will a confrontation with Farrel, and then a key needs to be crafted involving material from a monster. Raven will get screwed over by his curse again. Various NPC will show up in the last scenario, including Fritz.

From Lucifer Castle 2F, you can create a raid mission 1/day with up to 30 participants, possibly after defeating Forte. Viscount Montoro has the highest probability of getting Strata Devil Armor Recipes. Strata Devil Accessory Recipes are also available.

2. New Character: Grandies
You must complete Judgment Day scenario (see above) to start on her recruitment quest. You need to talk to Raven as part of the quest. She is supposed to be some sort of clone of Grand…

Soul Bringer, Abyss, & Santa Costumes

Grandies received her 2nd expert stance [Soul Bringer]. See Play Forum article 신구 개척왕의 대결! 승자는 누구? for [Soul Bringer] stance and a comparison of Grandies vs. Grandma. See Grandies + Vincent for the earlier post about Grandies, Vincent, and [Soul Guard] stance. Click on images below for full-size views.

Here is Grandies' 2nd expert stance [Soul Bringer], using sword + main-gauche.

... and Vincent's [Abyss] stance, using tome.

There are also 3 new costume sets - Santa Costume for Asoka, Santa Costume for Valeria, and Indigo 9 Costume for Lionel.

Sword 169: More Revolvers

Selene (Asoka) and Pazuzu (STF) reached Master Lv.9 and Lv.6 inside Castilla Relic mission. Lourdes (Grace) continued to collect Ancient Runes in Errac and reached Master Lv.5. Brisingamen (Karjalain) and Selvaria (Selva) reached Veteran Lv.5 and Lv.6 respectively. Mirajane (Lisa) was promoted as well, and reached Veteran Lv.3.

Louis Arsene III finally dropped Elite Schvarlier Armor Recipe for us... Too bad it isn't worth that much now. Occulta Bounty Hunt was nice this week as well, dropping The Tempest of Aquarius Recipe along with the usual Expert Tokens. Team Arena missions yielded 2 Symbols of Taurus, Symbol of Cancer, Symbol of Sagittarius, and Symbol of Aries. But Griffon mission dropped only Symbol of Taurus... eh, is this even worthwhile? 

We traded 2 sets of Constellation Symbols and some Ancient Runes for Angel Raziel's Revolver and +7 Serpent Revolver. So Thelandira (f/mus) and Lara (Brunie) got some new toys this week. Both pistols still need to be enchanted thou…

Grandies + Vincent

Red Hair Fighter, Grandies, becomes recruitable in v9.18.0. Her personal skill is [Ground Wave]. She has 2 Expert stances - [Soul Guard] using great sword (see image below). The other stance [Soul Bringer] uses sword + main gauche. Click on the images for full-size view.

Vincent (the other one) is also available. Both characters start at Lv.60. See image below for their stats.

See Play Forum article 그랑디스 등장! 내가 진정한 개척왕이다! for more on Grandies and [Soul Guard] skill details and videos.

Mufasa will also be updated again in v9.17.7. See 오쿨타, 수장의 방 미션 - 새로운 득템의 장!.

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Imperial Wheel V: December 2011

Imperial Wheel V (Japan) has been updated for Dec 07-14, 2011. The following are the new items that have not been released elsewhere before. There will probably be another update around Christmas... Click on image below for full-size view.

Jaspardfs Rifling Revolver*
Pistol • ATK Rating 33 • ATK 277
ATK +10% vs. Life/Daemon/Golem/Human/Undead • Penetration +8 • Fear 7%
Note (*): That is the default "Engrish" name from the data table. I will update again if they correct the name at a later date.

Assembly Logic Bangle
Special (Elemental) Bracelet • ATK Rating 33 • ATK 261
ATK +10% vs. Life/Daemon/Golem/Human/Undead • Magic Penetration +10 • Max SP +10% • ATK Speed +10%

Evil's Suffering
Weapon Costume • Ice Bracelet

Cruz Recruitment Set
Cruz Character Card • [Furious] Stance Book • [Fast Move] Ring


The Minotaur (Ancient Greek Μῑνώταυρος, Minotauros) was a half-man, half-bull creature in Greek mythology, frequently (but not always) depicted with the head of a bull on the body of a man. Its name is derived from its heritage as the "Bull of Minos".

In the legends, King Minos of Crete failed to sacrifice the promised white bull to Poseidon, and his wife Phasiphaë was cursed to fall in love with the bull. To aid the horny queen to seduce the bull, Daedalus crafted a hollow wooden cow for Pasiphaë to hide inside, so she could copulate with the white bull. She became pregnant, and gave birth to the monstrous minotaur. The monster devoured man after man for sustenance. Based on an advice from the oracle at Delphi, King Mino ordered Daedalus to construct a labyrinth at Knossos to hold the Minotaur.

As a result of the murder of Androgeus, Athens was compelled to keep sending people to be devoured by the Minotaur. In Crete, both Minos' daughters, Ariadne and Phaedra, fell i…

Sword 168: Fight Fast

Nothing much happened this week, just the usual passive training. Cacofonix (Rio) and Eskarina (f/wiz) finally reached Lv.100, bringing all existing characters to at least Lv.100. Cacofonix (Rio) became a Veteran to learn [Serenade] stance for use while looking for Griffon Egg Shells in Vegas Javier, so that Orpheus (Rio) can just slack off in the quarters.

Brisingamen (Karjalain) was also promoted to Veteran level, so she could join the others in Errac. Hopefully, her [Boost Magic] skill will be of some use in the next patch. After collecting more Ancient Runes, Brisingamen (Karjalain) and Selvaria (Selva) reached Veteran Lv.2 and Lv.5 respectively, while Lourdes (Grace) reached Master Lv.4. Elsewhere, Maimonides (m/mus) also reached Veteran Lv.10.

Selene (Asoka) and Pazuzu (STF) brought Brisingamen (Karjalain) along to Castilla Mine for some Enchantment Chips and Iron Ores. Interestingly, slaying both Steel Ararat of Chaos (L100 Golem) and Phobitan General of Chaos (L103 Daemon), al…

New Glasses

New glasses for Adriana and Beronif, and old monocle for Ralph. See 아드리아나의 안경과 그외.

World Cross PVP Beta

G1 (US) has finally initiated World Cross PVP Beta Launch. Supposedly, individual matches will be held alternatively at 8pm PST (odd week) and 8pm GMT / 10am PST (even week). Team matches will be held 1 hour later. Currently, it seems like you can join the matches any time, but you will probably "cannot find server" and crash instead. See also [World X PVP] Beta Launch (SG) for more details.

Only Veterans and above can join the matches. Note that Veterans can still get matched against Experts/Masters. You will get some points and  EXP score, even if you lose the match. Each (1) EXP score will grant approximately 25,000 EXP to each of the 3 characters, so every 100 EXP score is equivalent to 2.5m EXP per character. You can have up to 3,000 EXP score before claiming them. (For comparison, one Veteran B EXP Card provides 1.4m EXP.)

World PVP Shop is located in Auch (G6). Le Scarce costs 40,000 Points + 1,000 Shiny Crystals. Constellation Box costs 10,000 Points + 5 White Gol…

Blogroll Cleanup

The Shoutmix Shoutbox has been removed from the blog sidebars, due to too many spams from website advertisers. (It is impossible to block them all.) If you wish to leave a comment on the blog, you have to login with a Google/Blogger (G-mail) or OpenID account first. OpenID includes LiveJournal, WordPress and AIM accounts.

In addition, the following blogs have been removed from blog roll for RSS inactivity of 6 months or more. 
The Random Ramblings of a Noob AzureSkye Clan Pioneering Journey Je le file党へようこそ 続・日々の生活 Xenesis SNW Nefertari 家プラス! S.O.T.N.W. Churvanesska Family Version 2.0 Discover GE: Sword 2 ジャックのJACKPOT Hail, Pioneers! My Still Boring Life. Stracciatella GE log d.