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Fixed Drops: Lucifer Castle Laboratory

The following data list the fixed drops from v8.5 game client (SG) for various monsters in Lucifer Castle, Basement Laboratory. See [v8.5 Feature] Lucifer Castle Raid for more information. Fixed drops are basically the sort of drops you can find in Wordwood: Granado Espada Maps, which sadly is no longer updated. Other types of drops are not included.

Monster Fixed Drops
King Fordoi/Vordoi 1 Constellation Box (1/20,000), 1 Symbol of Naraka (1/50), 1 Dragon Heart (1/90,000), 1 Red Jewel Fragment (1/20), 1 Unicorn Horn (1/20)
Lab Mini-Boss 5 Constellation Box (1/2), 5 Symbol of Naraka (1/2), 1 Dragon Heart (1/100), 20 Red Jewel Fragment (1/2), 20 Unicorn Horn (1/2)
Death Wraith 5 Dragon Heart (1/1), 5 Death Wraith's Leg (1/2), 5 Death Wraith's Nail (1/2), 5 Death Wraith's Teeth (1/2), 5 Death Wraith's Crystal Piece (1/2), 10 Symbol of Naraka (1/1)

Lab Mini-Bosses include Mutated Frogfish, King Dragon Head, King Betelgeuse, Corrupt Takion, Corrupt Elminor, Wrath Devil, King Pollux, King Castor, Dark Garim, and Lust Witch.

Note that Great Gluttony, Culverts Frogfish, and King Vampire Bat Lord have no fixed drops.

All Death Wraiths (Red, Blue, Black) have the same fixed drops.

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