Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Alliance War Shop

In v8.5, Alliance War (aka Legion War) comes with its own shops located in both Royalist and Republican Embassies, accessible from Reboldeaux and Auch respectively. Besides the listed price, the shop also consumes Shop Purchase Points, which should be accumulated during the war itself. Empire's Weapons are designed for crafting Strata Devil Weapons, and (in a later patch) Evil Weapons. The other stuffs (e.g. Poison, Flag) are used for war.

The screenshot above comes from Singapore game client (v8.5). Moon Stones (worth 10,000 feso) are known as Earth Stones in Sword 2 servers. 

Edit: Changed the screenshot to show Gold Rosario as well. Gold Rosario has base DEF Rating 1, uses Veteran Enchantment Chip, and has the same enchantment table as Silver Rosario. See Wordwood: Granado Espada (Korea) Rosario.