[KOR] New Premium Character—Kiss (키스). See [YouTube] Skill Motions.

Sword 170: Dragon's Fang Hammer

Lourdes (Grace) continued to collect Ancient Runes in Errac and reached Master Lv.6. Brisingamen (Karjalain) and Mirajane (Lisa) reached Veteran Lv.7 and Lv.5 respectively. The various missions dropped Symbol of Sagittarius, Symbol of Capricorn, Symbol of Libra, Symbol of Gemini, Symbol of Aquarius, Symbol of Aries, and Symbol of Virgo. We opened 4 Reward Boxes of Supply acquired from Product Distribution during Colony Wars, and received 2 Training B Cards, 5 L90H EXP Cards, 3 Veteran B EXP Cards, and 2 Veteran G EXP Cards.

We wanted to trade a +7 blunt, but ended up buying a cheap Dragon's Fang Hammer instead. Its base attack is the same as Toy Hammer, but it looked really nice at least. (Steel Fortress looked like crap.) We considered waiting for Angel Moroni's Mace, another good-looking blunt, but it probably won't be as cheap.

With limited Enchant Sedatives, we decided to leave the blunt for now, and enchant ATK Rating 33 weapons first. We used 48 Enchant Sedatives and Veteran Enchantment Chips to enchant Angel Raziel's Revolver (pistol) with [ATK • Daemon]... The racial value is fine, but ATK value is rather low though. Hm. So we tried again on The Intuition of Al Rischa (pistol), and used 30 more to enchant [ATK • ATK Rating].

So v8.5.2 Update will be coming next week. Personally, this update just doesn't seem all that interesting. All the secret societies and PvP stuffs just look dead boring. I wonder how many players will start similar forum topics to complain about PK like this topic here? After the patch, war will no longer be specifically clan vs. clan, instead war will be on by default for secret society vs. secret society (including server notices on kill counts) on many maps. There are benefits and opportunity costs/risks for secret society members, so know what you are getting into before you jump onto the bandwagon. Once you joined either Royalist or Republican secret society, you can still switch side with a quest, but cannot quit the entire secret society politics.

In any case, Clock Tower is MCC1, so it would probably require you to be active during a time when others are also active enough to raid. And after so many raids on Prison de Joaquin, Ishtar (Valeria) still doesn't have [Innocentio]. What are the odds of getting [Punisher]? Lionel just won't be complete without it.

This week,  there were 2 gold-buying promotions for Santa Costume for Emilia and Calyce and Santa Costumes for Adelina and Bernelli during Dec 14-16 and Dec 17-19, 2011. See also In-Game Christmas Events hosted by GM, involving alphabet collection via races, PvP, GM hide-and-seek, and scavenger hunts. Rewards include AM Boxes, AM's Touch Boxes, Explorer Packs (HPS), and Rose Wings.