[KOR] New Premium Character—Kiss (키스). See [YouTube] Skill Motions.

Grandies + Vincent

Red Hair Fighter, Grandies, becomes recruitable in v9.18.0. Her personal skill is [Ground Wave]. She has 2 Expert stances - [Soul Guard] using great sword (see image below). The other stance [Soul Bringer] uses sword + main gauche. Click on the images for full-size view.

Vincent (the other one) is also available. Both characters start at Lv.60. See image below for their stats.

See Play Forum article 그랑디스 등장! 내가 진정한 개척왕이다! for more on Grandies and [Soul Guard] skill details and videos.

Mufasa will also be updated again in v9.17.7. See 오쿨타, 수장의 방 미션 - 새로운 득템의 장!.

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Hercasi said…
yaaaaaaaay! Grandies! finnaly !
kuronekohana said…
wow!!Grandies is really cool!!how can i get her?