[KOR] New Premium Character—Kiss (키스). See [YouTube] Skill Motions.

Sword 2 v8.5 Update

Sword 2 (US) will be updating to v8.5.2 on Dec 19, 2011 at 5 pm (PDT). [Source] The last update (v6.7.1) was in July 2011, so it was a span of 5 months just like the previous wait.

Key features include:
  • New Character: Lionel
  • Devil Weapons
  • Lucifer Castle Basement Raid
  • Clock Tower Mission
  • Sekhmet Party Mission
  • Legion War: Dronarati (Royalist) vs. Sahasrha (Republican)

See Version 8.5 Release Notes for more information. See also GE-SG v8.5 Update and Book of Fire: Patch Notes for more articles on v8.5 features.

Some Stuffs On Legion War
The war is held on Sunday, 4-5.30 pm (PST). See A Short Guide To Alliance War for more player's perspectives. For a list of hostile maps, see Book of Fire: v8.3 Patch Notes, plus Lago Celeste (v8.5). For Secret Society quests, see Secret Society: Souveran (aka Sahasrha; Republican), Secret Society: Esmero (aka Dronarati; Royalist), or Pegadilla Mercenaries (Neutralist).

Game Updates for Other Regional Editions
It seems that IMC is updating multiple editions within this period. At least, two other editions will be getting new content in December, 2011.  

Thailand edition will be receiving v6.7.1 Update on Dec 19, 2011.

Indonesia edition will be receiving Relic of Castilla update (v5.x) on Dec 26, 2011.

Meanwhile, China edition is already having some previews for 2012, including the new start town, [Blitz Assault], [Wanted Shot], Beronif, Ludin, [Enhanced Tactics] for Emilia the Sage, etc. See 2012新版资料片测试图片曝光 and 贤者艾米莉! 飞天御姐雄起!.

Singapore edition is also preparing for v9.5. There is currently v9.5 Loading Screen Design Event until Jan 05, 2012.

Blog Header v8.5
Blog header has been updated for v8.5. Render of Lionel is taken from here, posted by Huo. The background is taken from Oath of Allegiance mini-site. The previous header for v6.7.1 is as below: