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Premium Treasure Chest: GE-SG v5.0

Premium Treasure Chest has been updated for Granado Espada (GE-SG v5.0). You can also talk to Leonardo Express NPC in-game for explanation on how to use Premium Treasure Chest. In v5.0, Premium Treasure Chest no longer provides extra vault spaces. Instead, there is a new cash shop item called Increase Vault Slot for that purpose.

Daily Treasure Chest Items
The daily item list can also be accessed by talking to Leonardo Express in-game. If multiple items are listed for a day, you must choose one to receive.

DayItemAmountMonSoul Crystal10TueLegendary Treasure Box1WedTriumph Fillers7WedHrin's Potion4ThuEnchantment Tranquillizer10ThuEnhancement Booster4ThuSocket Processing Tranquillizer1

Sword 116: Master Fighter

While training others, Lolita (Claire) and Soteira (Helena) reached Expert Lv.8 and Lv.6 respectively. Voltaire (Garcia), Hermes (Ramiro), Ahab (Alejandro), Magrathea (Angie), and Cacofonix (Rio) also gained a few levels. After collecting Ancient Runes in Errac fields, Athena (f/fig) was finally promoted to become the family's 7th Master!

The family completed 2 Uraeus, 14 Team Arena, and 7 Arsene Circus missions, looting 2 Symbols of Pisces, Symbol of Sagittarius, Symbol of Cancer, Symbol of Leo, Symbol of Aries, Le Noir (wiz) Recipe, Le Noir (sco) Recipe, and 2 Assassin Gloves. This completed the 3rd set of symbols. Adorabelle (f/ele) also won Stormbringer (dagger) and Boreas (sabre) from Lightning Gate.

The family experienced 7 disconnections this week, one of which occurred when I tried to use a /pingtest command, and another inside Silent Maze.

New Personal Skills v6.5.5

According to GE-KR v6.5.5 Patch Notes for Silver (Test) Server, five characters will receive new personal skills. The skills for Garcia and Lisa have dual functions, similar to Raven's personal skill. Screenshots below are taken from GE-KR Screen Board posts - 리사/솔져/브루니 and 가르시아, 힘까 스킬.

Tenacity [Reboldeaux Soldier]
Lv.10: Movement Speed -50%, Max HP +23%, Block +20, DEF +20.
Lv.11: Movement Speed -50%, Max HP +25%, Block +21, DEF +22, DEF Rating +1.

Fatal Blues [Brunie]
Lv.10: Normal attacks apply Lv.10 [Mortal Wound] status.
Lv.11: Normal attacks apply Lv.11 [Mortal Wound] status, ATK Rating +1.

Grinding [Lisa]
Lv.10: Normal attacks apply debuff [RES -10 ...or... DEF -10].
Lv.11: Normal attacks apply debuff [RES -10, DEF Rating -1 ...or... DEF -10, DEF Rating -1].

Shadow Trigger [Garcia]
Lv.10: ATK Rating +1, Penetration +5 ...or... DEF Rating +1, Immunity +5.
Lv.11: ATK Rating +1, Penetration +6 ...or... DEF Rating +1, Immunity +6.

Dream of Doll [Catherine STR/DEX/INT]
Lv.10: Increase STR/DE…

Magic Circle 11

Magic Circle XI is now available until Dec 08, 2010. Both costume sets were previously released in GE-JP's Imperial Wheel X and Imperial Wheel VIII. Other rewards include Asoka character card. See [GE-KR] v6.4 Preview for the costumes released during last month's Magic Circle 10.

Le Sagittaire Optimiste Costume Set (Grace)
Angelica Costume Set (Brunie)
Baby Pet Box (Cockatrice)

Imperial Wheel R2

Imperial Wheel R2 (GE-JP) has been released for Nov 2010. See also GE-JP Costume Catalogue for more art. This month introduces 3 more Arcana weapons (ATK Rating 33). 

Rapier of High Priestess Rapier • ATK Rating 33 • ATK 207 ATK Speed +10% • [Repost] Level +1 • [Cut & Thrust] Level +1
Lute of Fortune Lute • ATK Rating 33 • ATK 269 Max SP +10% • [Totentanz] Level +1
Revolver of Justice Pistol • ATK Rating 33 • ATK 277 ATK Speed +10% • [Octet-Stream] Level +1 • [Desperados] Level +1
[Innocentio] Stance Book Valeria Exclusive
Tempest of Chaos Costume Set Body Costume + Hat • Female Musketeer Body Costume • Male Musketeer See 聖夜は終わっちゃったけど、救出大作戦!? for more screenshots.

Revised Joaquin Barrier (Siege)

GE Korea has released a new [GM Tip] article regarding revised Joaquin Barrier (Siege) mission. See [GM Tip] 리뉴얼 된 자캥 방벽 공성전 미션. See also [v3.2 Feature] Daily Event Missions for a summary of current daily missions. Currently, you can get Symbol of Capricorn from this mission. See Cabra Reports 22/11/2010.

The mission will be available once per day at newly added NPC in Reboldeaux Queen's Gate at any time, instead of being held at 2pm every day. Up to 5 families may join a mission. There will be 4 colonies that must be destroyed.

After the colonies are destroyed, 10 crystals will spawn around the map. Destroy them in 1 minute to spawn the mission's main boss, Gullfaxi. If the crystals are not destroyed in 1 minute, the colonies will re-spawn and you basically have to start afresh.

Kill Gullfaxi and it will drop a treasure chest. Click on it to turn roulette for all participating families. Press ESC key to view a list of other events you can do.

See also ジャケン防壁攻城戦 [Japanese].

Sword 115: Golden Guard

Qilue (f/sco) reached Master Lv.5, while collecting Ancient Runes in Errac. Training apprentices also raised Voltaire (Garcia), Alicia (f/Infantry), and Gloriana (f/Soldier) by a few levels. The family dismissed Dove (Rescue Knight) and recruited another Rescue Knight. Anastasia (Rescue Knight), meaning "resurrection" in Greek, was named after Anastasia of Sirmium, a Christian saint martyred during the Diocletianic Persecution in the second century.

The family completed 1 Uraeus, 10 Team Arena, and 7 Arsene Circus missions. Despite missing several Team Arena missions due to hiccups in Holy Water Chamber raids, the reward was quite good this week. The loot included Symbol of Scorpio, 3 Symbols of Aquarius, Aiming Gloves, Mystic Shoes, and Elite Piernoente Recipe.

While passing through Desolate Cliff to elsewhere, Lara (Brunie) ran into the Bell Boy of Mein. Lara (Brunie) quickly shot it down, and stole its Silver Hammer. After 115 weeks in the New World, this was the first t…


Helius is the Latin name of the sun, Helios, in Greek mythology. As the sun god, Helios drove the chariot of the sun across the sky each day. His son, Phaëton, attempted to drive chariot and lost control, setting the earth on fire and was then killed by Zeus with a thunderbolt. Helios also featured in The Odyssey, wherein a tale mentioned him telling Hephaestus of the secret affair of Aphrodite and Ares.

Aojiru Skin

A GE-JP player has kindly made his green Aojiru UI skin available. Go to 少年は荒野をめざす: Skin to find the download links and passwords. There are 2 packs included there, one for v5.x and another older one for v4.x.

A short guide on how to download. Ensure that you have JavaScript enabled for the download site.
Go to 少年は荒野をめざす: Skin to get the password for the desired version.
Go to GetUploader: Cocoasyounen to access the folder containing the .zip files.
Click on the .zip file name of the desired version - v1.00 is for v5.x client and old is for v4.x client.
Enter the download password as specified on the Japanese blog (Step #1).

Sword 114: The Dragon & The Wasp

While farming Ancient Runes, Adorabelle (f/ele) reached Master Lv.4. As the trainers for other pioneers, Selvaria (Selva) and Lara (Brunie) reached Veteran Lv.3. Voltaire (Garcia), Magrathea (Angie), Cacofonix (Rio), Alicia (f/Infantry), Gloriana (f/Soldier), and Geryon (Trooper) also gained a few levels.

Soteira (Helena) looted Symbol of Scorpio, Symbol of Pisces, Symbol of Aries, Symbol of Virgo, Symbol of Cancer, Le Noir (sco) Recipe, and 4 gem recipes from 12 Team Arena missions. Athena (f/fig) also acquired Symbol of Sagittarius from King of Greed. Romina completed 6 solo Arsene Circus raids, and looted Chevalier Greaves and Assassin Gloves. Thelandira (f/mus) looted Elite Black Dragon Recipe from Uraeus mission, and also bought 20 Socket Fluxes to open the 2nd socket on her Elite Le Noir.

Adorabelle (f/ele) won The Wasp (rapier) from Lightning Gate, and then traded Einaptor Sword (sword) for The Diamond Dragon (rifle) with a clan mate. The Rough Stones collected this week yielded …