[KOR] New Premium Character—Kiss (키스). See [YouTube] Skill Motions.

Revised Joaquin Barrier (Siege)

GE Korea has released a new [GM Tip] article regarding revised Joaquin Barrier (Siege) mission. See [GM Tip] 리뉴얼 된 자캥 방벽 공성전 미션. See also [v3.2 Feature] Daily Event Missions for a summary of current daily missions. Currently, you can get Symbol of Capricorn from this mission. See Cabra Reports 22/11/2010.


The mission will be available once per day at newly added NPC in Reboldeaux Queen's Gate at any time, instead of being held at 2pm every day. Up to 5 families may join a mission. There will be 4 colonies that must be destroyed.


After the colonies are destroyed, 10 crystals will spawn around the map. Destroy them in 1 minute to spawn the mission's main boss, Gullfaxi. If the crystals are not destroyed in 1 minute, the colonies will re-spawn and you basically have to start afresh.


Kill Gullfaxi and it will drop a treasure chest. Click on it to turn roulette for all participating families. Press ESC key to view a list of other events you can do.

See also ジャケン防壁攻城戦 [Japanese].