Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Sword 116: Master Fighter

While training others, Lolita (Claire) and Soteira (Helena) reached Expert Lv.8 and Lv.6 respectively. Voltaire (Garcia), Hermes (Ramiro), Ahab (Alejandro), Magrathea (Angie), and Cacofonix (Rio) also gained a few levels. After collecting Ancient Runes in Errac fields, Athena (f/fig) was finally promoted to become the family's 7th Master!

The family completed 2 Uraeus, 14 Team Arena, and 7 Arsene Circus missions, looting 2 Symbols of Pisces, Symbol of Sagittarius, Symbol of Cancer, Symbol of Leo, Symbol of Aries, Le Noir (wiz) Recipe, Le Noir (sco) Recipe, and 2 Assassin Gloves. This completed the 3rd set of symbols. Adorabelle (f/ele) also won Stormbringer (dagger) and Boreas (sabre) from Lightning Gate.

The family experienced 7 disconnections this week, one of which occurred when I tried to use a /pingtest command, and another inside Silent Maze.