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Patch Highlights v22.43.79 ~ v22.72.16

The following patch notes are translated from Korean live servers. American server is currently at v22.19.56.

Singapore Update: Armonia Episode 1

IAHGames has finally updated Singapore servers to Armonia Episode 1 (v21.84.39).
Armonia the Holy KingdomOfficial Patch Notes v21.84.39Gate of Abyss Event

The following fan blogs are removed from the sidebar due to RSS inactivity for more than 6 months...

Jane's 60 Minutes Event

Talk to Jane (Event NPC) in Reboldoeux (G3). Collect Memory Piece (event item) by killing monsters, and give the specified amount to Jane. Jane will ask you to listen to a character sound clip. If you identify the character correctly, you get Gold Token 1st Grade, otherwise you get Gold Token 2nd Grade.

You can exchange the event tokens for the following rewards. Costumes are subject to change by local servers.
Mary's Summer Costume/Hair - Gold Token 1st Grade (x2) Cherlyn's Summer Costume - Gold Token 1st Grade (x2) J.D's Cape Pattern Costume/Hair - Gold Token 1st Grade (x2) Grandies' [???] Costume/Hair - Gold Token 1st Grade (x2)Recruitment Character Card Box - Gold Token 1st Grade (x6) Training Card B (Event) (x5) - Gold Token 1st Grade (x1)Medal of Honor G (x5) - Gold Token 1st Grade (x1) Gold Taken 1st Class (x1) - Gold Token 2nd Grade (x2) Note: You must enable character sound in Options window (Alt + O) to hear the sound clip. You can only do this event up to …

Imperial Wheel S: Aug 22-27, 2014

Imperial Wheel S (Japan) has been updated for 8/22-27, 2014. This coincides with their Armonia Episode 2 Update, featuring Blue Flame Ludin, Moon Knight Pet, and Vigilar Pendant.

Updated Skin Packs v22.19.56

All skin packs on this blog have been updated to v22.19.56. The default skin used in Japanese client for Armonia Episode 2 is also the same, so this skin version should be good for use up to Episode 2.

If you are using the skin packs from this blog, please download the latest packs to replace the older ones, otherwise you will have missing icons/bars/buttons/etc.
Modified button.bmp for the new enhancement window.Added reinforceback.bmp and reinforcepopup.bmp. Filled out all missing files for partial skins. All skin packs now contain the full range of files. I have also modified character base panel for Classic Polish skin to make it look more like Closed Beta Test (CBT) game client.

Download the updated skin packs from UI SKINS PAGE.

American Update & Japanese Update

American server has been updated to v22.19.56.
Fixed Time Paradox missions. Roulette chest appears at boss' spawn spot after boss dies.Rumin Ores always yield Great Rumin when refining with reputation points.Gold Coins Rush Event - Hm. I think I'll pass! LOL See Patch Notes - August 19, 2014 for more details. See Patch Highlights v22.19.56 ~ v22.38.05  for upcoming patch notes.

The premium characters released since the last update are...
Cecile - Lyndon Box 07/02-16, 2014Student President & Blue Flame Ludin - Lyndon Box 08/06-20, 2014

UI Skins - Pending Update
This update has also modified the UI window for weapon/armor enhancement. All skin packs are currently outdated. I will update all skin packs on this blog soon. The file that needs updating is button.bmp. There are also 2 new files - reinforceback.bmp and reinforcepopup.bmp. As I mentioned before, missing files are not a problem since the game client will auto-load the default files for any missing skin files. However, …

Recruit Laura

Recruit Laura quests were added in v22.38.05 ðŸ”—. You will require the following items:
Beet x100 - acquire from Ustiur Farm Wheat Flour x100 - acquire from Ustiur Farm Golden Egg Fruit x50 - acquire from Ustiur Farm Scale of Siren x5 - various mission roulette (e.g. Castilla, Fury missions)Heart of Archangel x5 - various mission roulette (e.g. Castilla, Fury missions)Seed of Rafflesia x5 - various mission roulette (e.g. Castilla, Fury missions)Holy Water of Armonia x10 - See Armonia Daily Quests. Any delay in quest updates is caused by more trolls from the usual factions - BabiKiller and Moulin. Thanks to Lonewolfs.clan family for squad to kill Abyss Wolf. I practically get the kill immediately upon arrival in Latina. No camping, no spawn time tracking.

Laura wishes to fulfill the wish of her sister Juliana. Breaking the soul stones you collected, you learn that the knights killed by the corrupted Lena had their souls trapped in stones. One of the souls is Alvin, the father of Cepheu…

Natalie's Summer Event

Talk to Daria (Event NPC), Natalie (Event NPC), then Daria (Event NPC) in Reboldoeux. You need to accumulate a certain amount of play time (i.e. time spent in-game) to trade some items for Natalie's Summer Costume Set.
Natalie's Summer Costume = Play Time 30 hours (Korean server) + Lv.100 Enchantment Chip (x50), Pure Ionium (x1000), Pure Quartz (x1000)Natalie's Summer Hair = Play Time 70 hours (Korean server) + Bounty Hunter's Guild Token (x100), Pure Aidanium (x1000), Pure Etretanium (x1000)

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