Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Updated Skin Packs v22.19.56

All skin packs on this blog have been updated to v22.19.56. The default skin used in Japanese client for Armonia Episode 2 is also the same, so this skin version should be good for use up to Episode 2.

If you are using the skin packs from this blog, please download the latest packs to replace the older ones, otherwise you will have missing icons/bars/buttons/etc.
  • Modified button.bmp for the new enhancement window.
  • Added reinforceback.bmp and reinforcepopup.bmp.
  • Filled out all missing files for partial skins. All skin packs now contain the full range of files.
I have also modified character base panel for Classic Polish skin to make it look more like Closed Beta Test (CBT) game client.

Download the updated skin packs from UI SKINS PAGE.