Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Patch Highlights v22.43.79 ~ v22.72.16

The following patch notes are translated from Korean live servers. American server is currently at v22.19.56.

For earlier versions, see Patch Highlights v22.19.56 ~ v22.38.05.

  • Revised [Saint Shot] stance. 
    • Fixed [Promise] skill bugs.
    • [Saint Mark] and Sesil's [Hunting Target] statuses do not stack.
    • [Punishment] skill does not increase damage due to [Saint Mark].
  • Revised Knight of Chaos mission.
    • Normal difficulty - removed Armonia Gloves Recipe.
    • Hard difficulty - increased overall mission difficulty, damage/HP of monsters.
    • Faster action cycles for Dullahan monsters.
  • Revised Abyss bosses in Armonia El Templo.
    • Revised skill range from 12m to 20m.
    • Increased overall damage. Reset target after some time. Teleport back to its spot with HP recovery if lured too far away.
  • Renamed Dark Priest to Priest of Fear mission.
  • Deleted enhanced levels of general equipment dropped by monsters.
  • Fixed Recruit Grandies quest dialogue issue.
  • Revised UI for party information and profile.
  • Started Natalie's Summer Event for Natalie's Summer Costume Set.

  • Added Enhanced Soul Crystals in Feso Shop (50,000 F).
  • Fixed various quest issues.
  • Started Solve the Curse Event for Beatrice/Cano's Summer Costumes, Capybara/Cockatrice Costumes.

  • Revised Rumble Fight trial further.
  • Reduced drop rate in Prison de Joaquin Gehenna Bridge, El Lago de Tres Hermanas, Dr. Torsche's Mansion Annex, and Skeleton Dungeon 2F.
  • Fixed various issues for old quests. 
  • Started Jane's 60 Minutes Event for Mary/Cherlyn's Summer Costumes.
  • Added new character - Jane , available in Lyndon Box (includes Sierra's Summer Costume).
  • Modified enhancement system to allow use of Dazzling Ores to prevent enhancement downgrade upon failure. Available for AR34+ weapons and DR32+ armors. See [GE韓測22.59.51] +7+8不是夢? 強化武防防降級功能追加 .
  • Modified Faction List (Alt+Y) and Group Chat (Ctrl+G) UI.
  • Added confirmation notice for character creation.
  • Removed old pillars from Prophet's Forest zone map, so you cannot move there by clicking on the map.
  • Started Legendary King Crab Event for Claire's Short Hair.

  • Added Armonia Episode 3 scenario. See Armonia Episode 3 Mini-Site .
  • Added new map - Armonia Gloria, accessible from Armonia El Templo (K7).
  • Added new character - Patrick . His recruitment quest begins after completing Armonia Episode 3 scenario.
  • Added new mission - Mage of Madness.
    • 3-12 players can join from Memento Mori Bible in Armonia Apostadero.
  • Added new Armonia artifacts, including unique ones for Laura and Sirius.
  • Modified enhancement system. Reduced Dazzling Ores consumed for DR32 armors, increased for DR33+ armors.
  • Modified Holy Water of Armonia effect to provide surplus levels as [Sanctity] buff after removing [Degenerate] debuff. 
    • For e.g., when used with Lv.15 [Degenerate] debuff, the character gains Lv.5 [Sanctity] buff.