Update v27.96.08 v27.93.80 delayed to May 30, 2017. Best Blowout Support Event until July 04.  

The following patch notes are translated from Korean live servers. Both American and European servers are currently at v21.84.39.

For earlier versions, see Patch Highlights v21.77.84 ~ v22.14.65.

  • Revised main Pioneering Scenarios from Reboldoeux to Ustiur.
    • Completing each town's scenario will grant Combat EXP boost.
  • Removed Mystery Powder.
    • Removed use for recruitment quests (e.g. Calyce), entry cost to Land of the Dead, etc. 
    • Removed Ring Box Exchange from Precious Metal Merchant.
  • Removed Lv.32-76 Enchantment Chips. Enchantment Chip Novice can be used for up to Lv.76 equipment instead.
  • Removed Tofu, Bellem's Box, Ship Tickets (e.g. Ustiur), etc.
  • Reset skill points for some stances due to incorrect skill point consumption.
  • Revised user interface for upgrading window. See 強化UI改變、最近原廠更新方針 for details.

  • Added 17th and 18th barracks.
  • Removed Nutrition, Antidote, Analeptic Remedy, and Mithridart. Their uses will be replaced by a generic Enhancer item.
  • Removed Chalcedony, Jezebelnium, Aprinium, and Reboldeoux Culverts Key. Exchange for mission keys will not require Chalcedony anymore.
  • Revised Hunter's Association quest missions (Swamp Frogfish, Elite Wasp) for Bahama Pioneering Scenario.
  • Fixed critical hits of Auto Baron, Ararat, and Steamer from [Trance Robo] stance.

  • Added revised trial Rumble Fight... probably not applicable for other regional servers.
  • Removed Health Generators from Shiny Crystal Shop of Precious Metal Merchant. You can buy them from Potion Merchant NPC for 8,000 Vis instead.

  • Added character - Blue Flame Ludin , available in Lyndon Box . [Infernal Burn] stance and skill rings are in Chester's Ring Box.
  • Added Armonia Episode 2 scenario. Must have completed Armonia Episode 1 scenario to start.
  • Added character - Laura . Must have completed Armonia Episode 2 scenario to recruit.
  • Added field - Armonia El Templo, accessible from Armonia En Celar.
  • Added Santo de Blanc (wizard) armor. Recipe drops from El Templo bosses.
  • Revised Santo de Blanc armor's innate stats. Removed extra damage received +10%. Reduced damage reduction from 10% to 5%.
  • Added Armonia Accessories, usable by High Masters.
    • Belt recipe drops rarely in Dark Priest mission.
    • Gloves recipe drops rarely in Knight of Chaos mission.
    • Uses Expert Enchantment Chips for enhancement and enchantment.
  • Added new stories to Story Book - one from Episode 2, one from Recruit Laura, and more from El Templo monsters.
  • Revised Armonia Holy Water to provide [Sanctity] status, up to Lv.200.
    • For e.g., Lv.150 buff reduces damage received by 30%. [Degenerate] status offsets it.
  • Added Knight of Chaos mission for 3-12 players in Armonia Apostadero.
    •  Hard mode available if you meet certain conditions.
  • Added 4 new daily quests. One requires Episode 1 completed, another requires Episode 2 completed, and 2 others require Recruit Sirius completed.


Removed Tofu, Bellem's Box, Ship Tickets (e.g. Ustiur), etc.

--> I believe what they removed was the Silken Tofu. Tofu is still in the game, afaik. x.x