Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Imperial Wheel S

Imperial Wheel S (Japan) has been updated for July 2014. This month, the featured rewards are the new rumins with dual statistics, Sesil Card, and Jack O'Lantern Pet. In Japan servers, Armonia Weapons have ATK Rating 37 and built-in ATK +10% vs All Races, Penetration +5, and Immunity +5.

Recruitment Set - Grandies
Armonia Slayer + Custom Weapon Costume Coupon (Great Sword)
Grandies Card + Upgraded [Soul Guard] Ring (x2)
Arche Rumin [Penetration +7, Critical Damage +5%] (x2)

Recruitment Set - Kess
Armonia Rifle + Custom Weapon Costume Coupon (Rifle)
Kess Card + Upgraded [Punisher] Ring + Upgraded [Gun Master] Ring
Arche Rumin [Penetration +7, Critical Damage +5%] (x2)

Recruitment Set - Sierra
Vigilar Broomstick + Custom Weapon Costume Coupon (Broomstick)
Sierra Card + Upgraded [Nature] Ring (x2)
Kallichore Rumin [Penetration +7, Casting Time -1%] (x2)

Production Set - Armonia Weapon
Blue Armonium Ore (x20) + Armonia Coin (x200)

Montoro's Viscount Ring
ATK Rating +1, DEF Rating +1

Strata Devil Accessory Set
See Imperial Wheel S: May 2014.

Recruitment Set - Sesil
Sesil Card + Upgraded [Arc Sting] Ring

Costume Set - Hunter Claire
Hunter Claire Card + Upgraded [Cannon Shooter] Ring (x2)
Charm Hair (Hunter/Cutie Claire) + Sunset Rouge Costume (Hunter/Cutie Claire)
Strata Devil Armor (Musketeer)

Note: Korean servers have also released this costume set along with Blue Flame Ludin in Lyndon Box . See 아니면 스타킹을 니삭스로 변경해주십쇼 for screenshot.

Support Set - Sesil
Armonia Crossbow + Upgraded [Arc Sting] Ring
Custom Weapon Costume Coupon (Crossbow)

Pet Box - Jack O'Lantern
Pick item speed at 1.3 times of Giant Snail
Consume food speed at 1.3 times of Giant Snail
Buff - Drop Rate +50%, DEF +5, HP Absorb 5%


钟浩 said…
Hey bro, do you still playing the JP server? I'm playing alone in the server, its hard to find other player who can speak Enlish.
Ashardalon said…
I'm not currently active on Japanese server; not motivated enough to re-level and redo enchanting/enhancing/socketing equipment. You can PM Neopatria in Japanese Server #1 to find English-speaking players.