[KOR] Altria Ep.1 Preview + New Characters Coa.

Patch Highlights v22.19.56 ~ v22.38.05

The following patch notes are translated from Korean live servers. Both American and European servers are currently at v21.84.39.

For earlier versions, see Patch Highlights v21.77.84 ~ v22.14.65.

  • Revised main Pioneering Scenarios from Reboldoeux to Ustiur.
    • Completing each town's scenario will grant Combat EXP boost.
  • Removed Mystery Powder.
    • Removed use for recruitment quests (e.g. Calyce), entry cost to Land of the Dead, etc. 
    • Removed Ring Box Exchange from Precious Metal Merchant.
  • Removed Lv.32-76 Enchantment Chips. Enchantment Chip Novice can be used for up to Lv.76 equipment instead.
  • Removed Tofu, Bellem's Box, Ship Tickets (e.g. Ustiur), etc.
  • Reset skill points for some stances due to incorrect skill point consumption.
  • Revised user interface for upgrading window. See 強化UI改變、最近原廠更新方針 for details.

  • Added 17th and 18th barracks.
  • Removed Nutrition, Antidote, Analeptic Remedy, and Mithridart. Their uses will be replaced by a generic Enhancer item.
  • Removed Chalcedony, Jezebelnium, Aprinium, and Reboldeoux Culverts Key. Exchange for mission keys will not require Chalcedony anymore.
  • Revised Hunter's Association quest missions (Swamp Frogfish, Elite Wasp) for Bahama Pioneering Scenario.
  • Fixed critical hits of Auto Baron, Ararat, and Steamer from [Trance Robo] stance.

  • Added revised trial Rumble Fight... probably not applicable for other regional servers.
  • Removed Health Generators from Shiny Crystal Shop of Precious Metal Merchant. You can buy them from Potion Merchant NPC for 8,000 Vis instead.

  • Added character - Blue Flame Ludin , available in Lyndon Box . [Infernal Burn] stance and skill rings are in Chester's Ring Box.
  • Added Armonia Episode 2 scenario. Must have completed Armonia Episode 1 scenario to start.
  • Added character - Laura . Must have completed Armonia Episode 2 scenario to recruit.
  • Added field - Armonia El Templo, accessible from Armonia En Celar.
  • Added Santo de Blanc (wizard) armor. Recipe drops from El Templo bosses.
  • Revised Santo de Blanc armor's innate stats. Removed extra damage received +10%. Reduced damage reduction from 10% to 5%.
  • Added Armonia Accessories, usable by High Masters.
    • Belt recipe drops rarely in Dark Priest mission.
    • Gloves recipe drops rarely in Knight of Chaos mission.
    • Uses Expert Enchantment Chips for enhancement and enchantment.
  • Added new stories to Story Book - one from Episode 2, one from Recruit Laura, and more from El Templo monsters.
  • Revised Armonia Holy Water to provide [Sanctity] status, up to Lv.200.
    • For e.g., Lv.150 buff reduces damage received by 30%. [Degenerate] status offsets it.
  • Added Knight of Chaos mission for 3-12 players in Armonia Apostadero.
    •  Hard mode available if you meet certain conditions.
  • Added 4 new daily quests. One requires Episode 1 completed, another requires Episode 2 completed, and 2 others require Recruit Sirius completed.


nanikashinsei said…
Removed Tofu, Bellem's Box, Ship Tickets (e.g. Ustiur), etc.

--> I believe what they removed was the Silken Tofu. Tofu is still in the game, afaik. x.x