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Patch Notes v30.43.02 - v30.53.31

The following post summarizes changes based on patch notes for Korean live servers from Nov 28 to Dec 26, 2018. See Patch Notes page for other versions.

Modified various stances/skills. See egado's translation ðŸ”— for details.Fixed some issues for quests, map, stance icons.Added item group tabs to Feso Shop.Fixed boss issue with Silent Maze mission.Fixed drop issue in Castilla missions (hard mode).Started Pro Token Collector 🔗 event for 2 weeks.
Modified the normal/summoned monster races in Private Raids to the races of the boss monsters.For example, Rank 4 Private Raid, Silent Maze: lifeless monsters changed to demon (same race as boss).Time, cost, and reward for some expeditions increased by 5 times.Added Time Crystal: Armor to Time Piece missions. Added armors to Evil Equipment NPC.Added Guardian Lu to Heavenly Character Card Box.Fixed Zavad's costume issues.Fixed event quest mail.
Added new monster spinelles to NPC shop in Ustiur Base Camp—Jack O…

Christmas 2018

IMC has started the annual Christmas event for Korean servers. Other servers should be getting them next week. It', I guess.

[KOR] Rudolph and Santa Grabber 🔗 Dec 13–Jan 03 (3 weeks)
Talk to Santa Barrel in Reboldoeux for a daily event quest to complete an event mission. The mission involves escorting Rudolph through a map with a lot of demon monsters (AR 70, DR 1). Use splash/area attackers 

Complete the quest to receive 5 event boxes and 5 event tickets.

The event boxes give a random item, such as rare stance books (Heavy Stinger, Punisher, Innocentio, Creacion, Placidez, Violeta Ferro, Rosa Secreta, Corsair/Carrier, Lord of Death), Skill Ring Box, EXP Card, Portable Bullet Box, Soul Crystal, Kielce/Tigres Artifact Materials...

You can exchange the tickets for various old Christmas costumes—Emilia, Calyce, Adelina, Barrel, Asoka, Catherine, Valeria, and Leona/L. Body costumes cost 15-30 tickets, while head costumes cost 10-20 tickets. There are also Expert G EXP Card, T…