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USA Update: New Era Episode 2-3

American server was updated to New Era Episode 2-3 + Armonia Side Stories (v25.97.54) on Jun 29, 2016. The previous update was 5 months ago (Jan 28, 2016). The purpose of this post is to consolidate all the links to the patch notes.

External Links
New Era Episode 2-3 Site
[Patch Notes] v24.89.71 to v24.98.20 - Truman's artifacts
[Patch Notes] v25.04.52 to v25.08.73 - New Era Episode 2, Evil, Clock Tower Basement
[Patch Notes] v25.17.12 to v25.26.97 - New Era Episode 3, Leona
[Patch Notes] v25.31.84 to v25.39.12 - Rose Duke artifacts, Achievement system, Time Regained
[Patch Notes] v25.44.07 to v25.50.87 - Sariel, Free Queen of Pioneering Grandma
[Patch Notes] v25.54.38 to v25.59.20 - Judith
[Patch Notes] v25.61.96 to v25.68.20 - Revised skills, improved crest drop rates
[Patch Notes] v25.73.64 to v25.80.65 - Lucifer Garden mission, Free Sorang
[Patch Notes] v25.83.73 to v25.90.29 - Elemental Master, Baron penalty, Lucifer missions
[Patch Notes] v25.94.03 to v25.97.54 - Mirzar Pioneer Merchant…