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Year of the Tiger

Sword of the New World has began its Year of the Tiger Event for 2 weeks (Dec 30 - Jan 13*). See Ho the Tiger forum topic for event details. Also, be reminded that the Snow Drop Challenge Event (i.e. typing Christmas carols) will end by the next maintenance (Jan 6, 2010).

Update (*): The bug will be fixed on maintenance (Jan 5), and event will be extended by 1 week, ending on Jan 20 instead. [Source]

Essentially, the New Year Event works like this...
Talk to Wandering Blacksmith in Coimbra (H3, Channel 1 ONLY).Give him 1 Suspicious Red Ore or 10 Pure Talt + 10 Pure Ionium + 10 Pure Quartz + 10 Pure Aidanium + 10 Pure Etretanium.Talk to the Tiger next to him.Type in any 3 numbers (e.g. 123), and the Tiger will respond. Tapping its fore paw means a digit is the right number and in the right position. Tapping its hind leg means a digit is the right number but in the wrong position.
Guess the correct number and talk to the Wandering Blacksmith for a reward and to accumulate points.

Materials R…

Head Icons - Tiger & Elephant

Sword of the New World's Christmas 2009 patch updated its portrait.bmp file. In addition to everything in Head Icons v3.5, there are 5 new head icons, extracted and converted to .png file.
Andre de Lou-OshibaWhite ElephantWhite TigerYellow TigerBlack Tiger
I was quite surprised to see the elephant. I have never seen or heard of it anywhere at all... But this doesn't mean we are going to get the elephant pet. Reckless Emilia, Mifuyu, etc. are also inside the portrait file as mentioned previously in Head Icons v3.5.

There are also 2 more new item icons - Sharp Talon and White Fur. Most likely, they are to be used for Year of the Tiger Event.

Imperial Wheel: Dec 25, 2009

Imperial Wheel (jGE) has been updated for Dec 25, 2009 to Jan 5, 2010. They brought out all the old stuffs (still new for us) for players who missed them previously. Something about the browser cache not refreshing caused me to miss this earlier...

See Book of Wind: Reckless Emilia for character details.

Expert Exclusive • ATK Rating 33
For Angel Zweihander and Angel Rod, see Imperial Wheel: Aug 2009.
For Angel Rifle, see Imperial Wheel: Sept 2009.
For Angel Bracelet, see Imperial Wheel: Oct 2009.

Lv.100 • Veteran Exclusive
DEF Rating 30 • DEF 197 (Fig/Sco), 168 (Ele/Mus/Wiz)

Body Costumes + Hats
Grace, Adelina/ATP, Emilia/ETS, and Calyce Exclusive
These are also available in kGE Magic Scroll: Dec 14-24, 2009.

Body Costumes + Hairs
Baek Ho & Karjalain Exclusive

Many of these new costumes are named after flowers... The other costumes have alr…

Full Quarter Shot

It is possible to take an entire screen shot of the quarters, without breaking down into 3 separate screen shots of left, middle, and right... even if you are on a relatively low-resolution graphic setting (e.g. 1024 x 768).

To take an elongated screen shot, do the following...
Open user.xml file in Granado Espada\release folder with Notepad.Find the line <resolution ...>, and double its width setting. For example, if your resolution is 1024 x 768, set width to 2048. You can leave height setting alone.
Save, and start the game client.Login to the family quarters. You will not be able to see the entire quarter in-game, but no matter.
Press Print Screen key. Now, check your new screen shot in Granado Espada\release\screenshot folder.
If you cannot see the Logout or Exit Game button due to the extended width, you can always use Alt-Q hot-key to call up Quit Menu to close the client. After taking screen shots, remember to restore back to your original resolution to play the game.

SNW 68: Angler Claus Came To Town

There is a lot of family restructuring during this Christmas week. The family traded Anahita (Expert Lv.3 f/sco) for Pazuzu (Expert Lv.1 Soho the Fighter), who is named after the Babylonian demon of the wind. Since Anahita (f/sco) doesn't have Arnis stance yet, the family added 120m vis for the trade. Now at least, the family doesn't have to train a freaking martial artist separately just for Master's Martial Arts Quest (v3.5), which will be needed for Reckless Emilia (v4.0).

To replace Anahita (f/sco), the family recruited a new scout Qilue (f/sco), who is named after a white-haired dark elf priestess. Romina also brought one of her followers into the family - Dove (Rescue Knight), who is named after a Knight of Myth Drannor. Along with Alustriel (ETS), they are named after three of the Seven Sisters in Forgotten Realms RPG.

Empedocles (Expert Lv.1 m/ele) was sold for 950m vis on Christmas Day. Unfortunately, his departure reduced the family to Lv.25+0. The family went on a…

Magic Scroll: Dec 16-24, 2009

Magic Scroll (kGE) features some new Santa costumes for Calyce, Grace, Adelina, and Emilia during Dec 16-24, 2009. Also available is the Santa Grabber pet, which loots and drops Christmas gifts (during Christmas period only).

See also Magic of Christmas in kGE forum topic for more screenshots. I don't usually post about kGE Magic Scroll, so this is a bit late. Well, better late than never. The new Santa costumes are somewhat significant after all, since the previous post is about GE Christmas.

Edit: For more screenshots of these costumes, see プレゼントでしゅ。ごしゅじんたま.

GE Christmas Around the World 2009

Ever wonder what do the other editions of Granado Espada have for Christmas? So, who has the best GE Christmas of them all?

X'mas Poppet says:
to all my blog readers!

See The Holidays Come To Sword of the New World. The 2 events are similar to kGE's speed-typing event and rGE's Tiger pet event.

The Snow Drop Challenge Event (December 23 – January 6)
Players will have a timed challenge in-game to type the exact things the NPC says. They get 3 challenges and will win various prizes depending upon their performance. Prizes include Christmas socks, X-mas tree, Snowman, Christmas Firecracker, or experience cards.

Year of the Tiger Event (December 30 – January 13)
Sword of the New World will be celebrating the year of the Tiger on New Year’s this year. Join in to participate in a number mini-game and get a chance to win a Tiger pet that can be used to buff. [Source]

There are also 2 forum contests. G1 Holiday Fest…

SNW 67: Dragon Heart Recipe

Cthulhu (Poppet) looted another Snail Shell, Elite Striform Recipe, and Elite Laranja e Preto Recipe in Bahamar Marsh. Romina and Anahita (f/sco) reached Expert Lv.3, while Visca (Grace) reached Expert Lv.2. A Swamp Angler finally dropped Dragon Heart Recipe~!

The treasure hunters found Bracelet of Great Soul as their 32nd Fire Isle Treasure in Zone 1. The family decided to keep it for Hellena's Forgotten Magic (v3.4).

Ashardalon Family Profile has been updated. There were 6 disconnections experienced this week.

Portraits: Selva, Hellena, & Reckless Emilia

I made 3 new character portraits to complement Another Lonely Soul: GE Family Portrait Generator, which is currently lacking Master level and the portraits for Selva, Hellena, and Reckless Emilia.

For non-veteran levels, simply generate any character with the desired level, then copy and paste the level as a new layer. Delete any extra bits, and move it into position by counting how many pixels the level is from the black margin.

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New Host for Portrait GeneratorGE Signature Site Is DownFamily Portrait Generator

HCOF Christmas Special

Hellena's Circus of Fate (sGE) has been updated with Elite Le Blanc (1 Gold Token), AR32 weapons (1 Gold Token), Dragon Heart Recipe (1 Gold Token), Lv.96 elite armor (40 Tokens), Expert stance book (20-60 Tokens), and more. There will be 6 more sets of premium items to be updated every few days. See Santa Hellena's Christmas Special for event details and HCOF Premium Prizes for item lists/costs.

There are also a few new (10 min) buff items - Red Lollipop (Movement Bonus), Black Lollipop (ATK bonus, Movement/ATK Speed Penalty), Pink Lollipop (ATK Speed Bonus), Blue Lollipop (DEF bonus), Halloween Candy (EXP Buff; see here), and Rainbow Lollipop (Movement & ATK Speed Bonus).

i tried the game last night, 40 tries and no gold tokens. i have a feeling i know how the game works. the cards are NOT prearranged. rather, the chance to get a gold token is predetermined (a small chance, say 1%). the chance for the other tokens is predetermined too e.g. 1 token - 80%, 2 tokens - 10%, 3 …

Yeganeh's Crescent Axe

Some people might not know this since it is not mentioned in KENZAI's [Guide] Los Toldos Recipes in sGE forum, which was later copied over to Wiki of the New World...

Yeganeh (aka Diego in sGE) has a secret weapon. When you create Yeganeh, he is equipped with Lv.24 Crescent Axe. This weapon functions like a monster-used "fake" unique weapon. If you drop it onto the Anvil in Los Toldos, you will get a Porto Bello Vindictive Stone (aka Spirit Stone in sGE), which can be used for crafting several Lv.92 elite weapons, such as sabre, blunt, and pistol.

The in-game hint that this is possible lies in the fact that there is a Lv.92 Elite Crescent Axe available for crafting in Los Toldos with Porto Bello Vindictive Stone.

SNW 66: Scorpio

The experts found Silver Whistle and Summon White Reaper Ring in Bahamar Underground Cave 1F. In Bahamar Marsh, Cthulhu (Poppet) picked 2 Snail Shells, while they killed a few Swamp Anglers, looting 2 Symbols of Scorpio. This is the first time Swamp Angler actually dropped something of value for the family, but still no recipe so far though. Anahita (f/sco) will be keeping one symbol for Enhanced Tactics in the not-so-near future (v4.0.31). Not too sure what to do with the other one...

Unfortunately, patrolling the swamp for Swamp Anglers took time away from training, so none of the experts gained a level this week. However, they visited Bellem's Relics, and retrieved Elite Staff of Gnosis and Bracelet of Leviathan. About 3 minutes before the weekly maintenance begins, there was an announcement that Fire Isle Treasure Hunt will start in 10 minutes... LOL. Obviously, nobody found this one.

There were 3 disconnections experienced this week.

Summon Angel

Summon Angel Event is now available for sGE. Players who login during Nov 7-Dec 7, 2009 will get a free set of +5/+6 Normal/Veteran/Expert Imperviums (aka Lacquers). To encourage players who quitted to return to the game, all players who have NOT login from Jan 1 to Nov 6, 2009 will get a free Revival Pack, including cash shop potions, manuals, pet food, and Summon Angel boxes. If these returning players clock 100 hours within a month, they will bonus freebies, such as Home Premium Service - 30 days.

The boxes essentially summon a GM NPC for 2 minutes, during which anyone can click on her to get special buffs. AR/DR buff lasts for 24 hours and persist after changing zones. Other buffs last for 4 hours and ends after changing zone.

Items can be claimed from ABS, and then in-game from Leonardo. See Summon Angel Event for official details and the full list of freebies. See Free Impervium Set!, Summon Summon, and The Angel on other blogs.

Blogroll Cleanup

The following 15 blogs have not been updated for at least 6 months, so I decided to remove them from the blogroll to reduce unnecessary loading of RSS scripts. Hopefully, this will make my blog load slightly faster.
Le´Çonquìstador Faction Have Mercy. The Bringston Family Idemair's Dear You AranG's House The Hemonuses My Empty Space Adventures of Tagbanua Le Château d'Avalon The Art of Warlust Dispatches from the New World The Jack of All Trades Anemone's Blues Tormented Dreams Epistia's チョボパアチ!
Japanese Granado Espada Blogs
If you don't mind reading jGE blogs, you should also browse GE Web Ring (Japanese).

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Update:Cocolo☆☆☆ has quite a few screenshots of the various GE costumes. The player however has not been updating GE-related blog entries anymore, probably having moved on to a different game.

SNW v3.4: Jan 2010

G1-Neume updates on Sword of the New World...

At the moment we are trying to determine what is more feasible to get live this month: Christmas or 3.4. It doesn't seem likely we can do both.

What I am hoping (and we're discussing this so this ISN'T something that is official yet) is that we patch the Christmas/New Year's Event this month, launch Montoro again so our Premium players can check out 3.4 over the holidays (thus eliminating myriad incorrect rumors found in this thread). Then in January launch 3.4 on the live servers.

We're already spending a lot of time on the next step after 3.4 so there really are 3 big balls in the air right now: Holiday '09, 3.4, the thing that can't be talked about yet.

In my mind today, that looks like the most likely scenario for release. Unfortunately getting into the patch and QA'ing can get elongated in a way that it is difficult to measure ahead of time. So that's the long and the short of it. [Source]


Imperial Wheel: Dec 8-14, 2009

Imperial Wheel (jGE) has been updated for Dec 8-14, 2009. It also includes the following:
War Crescent: AR 32 CrescentSanta Costume Set: Body Costume + HatHQ Belt: Immunity +6 Elite Le Blanc - Elementalist: Lv.100 Robe - DEF 168 • DR 30Elite Piere Noente: Lv.96 Leather (Fig) - DEF 187 • DR 29

Blunt • Expert Exclusive
ATK 261 • AR 33
+10 Fire/Ice/Lightning/Mental ATK
+10% ATK vs. Daemons

Crossbow • Expert Exclusive
ATK 369 • AR 33
+10 Fire/Ice/Lightning/Mental ATK
+10% ATK vs. Daemons

LOE Bracelet • Veteran Exclusive
ATK 253 • AR 30
Mental ATK +30
Max SP +23%

Body Costume + Hat
Nar Exclusive

Body Costume + Hat
Ania Exclusive

Hellena's Circus of Fate: Launch

Hellena's Circus of Fate has officially been launched in sGE. Now, Joker card gives 3 Tickets instead of nothing. Each round of gambling costs 1,000 G-Points instead of 1,500 G-Points, i.e. SGD 0.71 (USD 0.51) instead of SGD 1.07 (USD 0.77).

Loot table has also been updated to include Lv.96 Elite Inviardeco/Camaryllis (1 Gold Token), Camaryllis Hat, Calienalbino Crown, Inviardeco Goggles, Arcanero Plate Costume, Torosmata Ren Costume, Slendor Peaco Costume, Katana, Nodachi, Frozen Marlin Javelin, and more. See HCOF Premium Items for screenshots. Some items (e.g. Grindstone) from beta test were removed.

See also Hellena's Circus of Fate: Beta Test entry.

Guys.... the items are on a rotation basis like what Kaiou has mentioned previously. So, there's a chance that the items will reappear later on. [Source]

one noob here. 70 tries = no jackpot (i.e. Gold Token) what do u think? or maybe im really infamous for my lack of luck rofl? [Source]

SNW 65: More Treasures Found

The experts continued to train in Bahamar Underground Cave 1F and Reboldeaux Scarlet Underground. Romina and Anahita (f/sco) reached Expert Lv.2. I kept switching back and forth between Visca (Grace) and Thelandira (f/mus), since I can't decide which one to use as part of the main team. Still bored, it felt like I login mainly to AFK the week away. In addition, I have 3 other characters in mind to train to Master - Adorabelle (f/ele), Candide (Lorch), and Flatulus/Bernstein (Gracielo/Gertrude). This is going to take me forever... Ugh.

The treasure hunters found their 30th and 31st Fire Isle Treasures in Free Zone - The Black Dragon and Grim Wight.

The family name in the notice is still bugged. I hope it will be fixed soon. I nearly missed opening the chest the first time, since I didn't know I was the one who found it. There seems to be a slight lag between the detection, the notice, and the appearance of the treasure chest.

Ashardalon Family Profile has been updated. There …

sGE: Efreet Event

An in-game event for sGE is now online until Dec 24, 2009. Essentially, you can take quests to hunt some monsters in exchange for Efreet's Chest. The chest will drop a random, non-tradable monster part. There are 10 monster types and 3 body parts. Certain sets will grant rewards, such as Elite Le Noir - Fighter, Grandice Card, Dragon Heart, Special NPC Box, etc. Each quest however consumes 1 Mystery Powder, and the top loot are limited for each server. See Help Efreet Become King for details.

In addition, there is a cash shop promotion for sGE until Dec 31, 2009. Topping up cash shop credits will grant you some freebies, like Zodiac Chest, Moon Stone, etc. See Top Up And Get Free Items for details.

Art of Teratoid

See 테라의 STUDIOLO for more related art work.

SNW 64: Long Road Ahead

The expert team continued their training in Frozen Wastes (Lv.108-110), Bahamar Murky Bayou (Lv.111-113), and Bahamar Underground Cave 1F (Lv.113-115). Running through the swamp sink-holes is a nuisance, so they saved a warp point in Caebolan (aka Tierra Putrefacta) and entered the cave from there. In Bahamar Underground Cave 1F, they looted Summon Pedobear Ring, Quarto Taglio Ring, and 3 controllers.

Thelandira (f/mus) reached Expert Lv.4. Unlike Veteran level which requires about 140m EXP, each Expert level requires about 270m EXP, which is nearly twice the amount needed. It is a slow, hard grind towards Master level. Ugh.

Ashardalon Family Profile has been updated. There were 3 disconnections experienced this week.