Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

sGE: Efreet Event

An in-game event for sGE is now online until Dec 24, 2009. Essentially, you can take quests to hunt some monsters in exchange for Efreet's Chest. The chest will drop a random, non-tradable monster part. There are 10 monster types and 3 body parts. Certain sets will grant rewards, such as Elite Le Noir - Fighter, Grandice Card, Dragon Heart, Special NPC Box, etc. Each quest however consumes 1 Mystery Powder, and the top loot are limited for each server. See Help Efreet Become King for details.

In addition, there is a cash shop promotion for sGE until Dec 31, 2009. Topping up cash shop credits will grant you some freebies, like Zodiac Chest, Moon Stone, etc. See Top Up And Get Free Items for details.