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SNW 68: Angler Claus Came To Town

There is a lot of family restructuring during this Christmas week. The family traded Anahita (Expert Lv.3 f/sco) for Pazuzu (Expert Lv.1 Soho the Fighter), who is named after the Babylonian demon of the wind. Since Anahita (f/sco) doesn't have Arnis stance yet, the family added 120m vis for the trade. Now at least, the family doesn't have to train a freaking martial artist separately just for Master's Martial Arts Quest (v3.5), which will be needed for Reckless Emilia (v4.0).

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To replace Anahita (f/sco), the family recruited a new scout Qilue (f/sco), who is named after a white-haired dark elf priestess. Romina also brought one of her followers into the family - Dove (Rescue Knight), who is named after a Knight of Myth Drannor. Along with Alustriel (ETS), they are named after three of the Seven Sisters in Forgotten Realms RPG.

Empedocles (Expert Lv.1 m/ele) was sold for 950m vis on Christmas Day. Unfortunately, his departure reduced the family to Lv.25+0. The family went on a X'mas shopping spree and bought Mysterious Powders, Enchant Boosters, Upgrade Accelerators, Promotion Scrolls, and OoPS Support Boxes for a total of 556m vis. Pazuzu (STF) opened the 5 OoPS Support Boxes and received...
  1. Lv.90 (920k) EXP Card x6
  2. Lv.90 (920k) EXP Card x6
  3. Ancient Area Pass (1 day) x1
  4. Ancient Area Pass (1 day) x1
  5. Lacquer +6: General x1
The family was looking for cheap Lv.100 chips from the boxes. Meh. The speed-typing Christmas Carols event is really hard. I don't mind the event concept as such, but there are way too much lyrics to type in too little time. The irregular punctuations and some parts in ALL CAPS letters do not help either.

Having been de-leveled to Veteran Lv.9 (22.6%), Pazuzu (STF) trained alone in Bahamar Marsh to become Expert Lv.1 again, while Cthulhu (Poppet) looted 1 Snail Shell, Assassin Dagger, and Elite Camisa de Soldado Recipe. Candide (Lorch) and Qilue (f/sco) also gained a few levels.

The family made a new Christmas-themed forum avatar. This probably made Swamp Angler Claus very happy, and so it gave the family another Dragon Heart Recipe for Christmas~! Together with the recipe bought for 600m vis about 3 week ago, the family now has 3 recipes, nicely one for each aspiring Master.

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Ashardalon Family Profile has been updated with expanded character write-ups. There was 1 disconnection experienced this week.