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SNW 67: Dragon Heart Recipe

Cthulhu (Poppet) looted another Snail Shell, Elite Striform Recipe, and Elite Laranja e Preto Recipe in Bahamar Marsh. Romina and Anahita (f/sco) reached Expert Lv.3, while Visca (Grace) reached Expert Lv.2. A Swamp Angler finally dropped Dragon Heart Recipe~!
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The treasure hunters found Bracelet of Great Soul as their 32nd Fire Isle Treasure in Zone 1. The family decided to keep it for Hellena's Forgotten Magic (v3.4).

Ashardalon Family Profile has been updated. There were 6 disconnections experienced this week.


Manny said…
I never had the chance for this. It's really all about timing, huh? And what are the items needed plus where do you get 'em?

My jealousy and curiosity grows more and more as your detail your Fire Island Treasure Hunting exploits.
Ashardalon said…
A.Heart, R.Seed, and S.Scale recipes can be bought from Metal Merchant in Auch. They also drop in Team Arena. Ele Jewels can be bought from item dealer (e.g. Emilia) in any town for 10m vis each. Vet scroll is from cash shop naturally.

For treasure hunts, it's all about luck and movement speed. :)
Manny said…
Okay, just luck and speed. No keys required for the treasure hunting? And it can be on any zone of the Fire Island and any channel?
Manny said…
No items needed for treasure hunts? Just move and find it the right zone and channel of Fire Island, then?
Ashardalon said…
Sorry, I didn't see this comment until now. But you need keys for the hunts. You can buy them from Carlos in Gigante Port or Key Merchant in Fire Island.