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Yeganeh's Crescent Axe

Some people might not know this since it is not mentioned in KENZAI's [Guide] Los Toldos Recipes in sGE forum, which was later copied over to Wiki of the New World...

Yeganeh (aka Diego in sGE) has a secret weapon. When you create Yeganeh, he is equipped with Lv.24 Crescent Axe. This weapon functions like a monster-used "fake" unique weapon. If you drop it onto the Anvil in Los Toldos, you will get a Porto Bello Vindictive Stone (aka Spirit Stone in sGE), which can be used for crafting several Lv.92 elite weapons, such as sabre, blunt, and pistol.

The in-game hint that this is possible lies in the fact that there is a Lv.92 Elite Crescent Axe available for crafting in Los Toldos with Porto Bello Vindictive Stone.