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Head Icons - Tiger & Elephant

[ Loading... http://yfrog.com/06portraitstigerp ]Sword of the New World's Christmas 2009 patch updated its portrait.bmp file. In addition to everything in Head Icons v3.5, there are 5 new head icons, extracted and converted to .png file.
  1. Andre de Lou-Oshiba
  2. White Elephant
  3. White Tiger
  4. Yellow Tiger
  5. Black Tiger
I was quite surprised to see the elephant. I have never seen or heard of it anywhere at all... But this doesn't mean we are going to get the elephant pet. Reckless Emilia, Mifuyu, etc. are also inside the portrait file as mentioned previously in Head Icons v3.5.

There are also 2 more new item icons - Sharp Talon and White Fur. Most likely, they are to be used for Year of the Tiger Event.

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