Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

SNW 65: More Treasures Found

The experts continued to train in Bahamar Underground Cave 1F and Reboldeaux Scarlet Underground. Romina and Anahita (f/sco) reached Expert Lv.2. I kept switching back and forth between Visca (Grace) and Thelandira (f/mus), since I can't decide which one to use as part of the main team. Still bored, it felt like I login mainly to AFK the week away. In addition, I have 3 other characters in mind to train to Master - Adorabelle (f/ele), Candide (Lorch), and Flatulus/Bernstein (Gracielo/Gertrude). This is going to take me forever... Ugh.

The treasure hunters found their 30th and 31st Fire Isle Treasures in Free Zone - The Black Dragon and Grim Wight.

The family name in the notice is still bugged. I hope it will be fixed soon. I nearly missed opening the chest the first time, since I didn't know I was the one who found it. There seems to be a slight lag between the detection, the notice, and the appearance of the treasure chest.

Ashardalon Family Profile has been updated. There was no disconnection experienced this week.