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SNW v3.4: Jan 2010

G1-Neume updates on Sword of the New World...

At the moment we are trying to determine what is more feasible to get live this month: Christmas or 3.4. It doesn't seem likely we can do both.

What I am hoping (and we're discussing this so this ISN'T something that is official yet) is that we patch the Christmas/New Year's Event this month, launch Montoro again so our Premium players can check out 3.4 over the holidays (thus eliminating myriad incorrect rumors found in this thread). Then in January launch 3.4 on the live servers.

We're already spending a lot of time on the next step after 3.4 so there really are 3 big balls in the air right now: Holiday '09, 3.4, the thing that can't be talked about yet.

In my mind today, that looks like the most likely scenario for release. Unfortunately getting into the patch and QA'ing can get elongated in a way that it is difficult to measure ahead of time. So that's the long and the short of it. [Source]

Obviously, v3.4 is going to be postponed. You can't just postpone Christmas, can you? Personally, January is fine with me, since my characters are still far from Master. I hope for Christmas, there will be free stuffs to bring the current market prices of cash shop items down.


Divinicus said…
what's a premium player?
Ashardalon said…
Premium is essentially a package that players can buy with real money. It provides gold (cash shop credit), further discounts, and sometimes freebies (e.g. Mystery Box which can drop ETS/ATP/etc.) from special promotions.

See SotNW Store - Premium & Gold.

Premium players also get to play on the test server (Montoro).