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Repeatable Polish Acquisition

Polishes are used to make ancestral/pioneer equipment, which are useful for training characters to use. Storyline quests provide polishes as reward, but these are not repeatable. For information on pioneer equipment, see Pioneer Shields, Pioneer Equipment, and Dummies' Guide To Glazium. You can get polishes from 3 types of repeatable missions.

Amber missions [A] reward ambers along with the polishes. They are limited to a maximum of 5 missions at any one time. They are acquired from colony managers and militia NPC in towns. Only missions that hunt bosses provide polishes.

Super-Fight missions [S] reward EXP cards along with the polishes. They count towards the maximum limit for amber missions, i.e. you can only have 5 amber/super-fight missions. The hunts can only be done within the respective Super-Fight maps (e.g. Secret Temple, Poison Yard). They are acquired from the NPC in front of the respective Super-Fight warp gates.

EXP missions [E] reward EXP cards along with the polishes. …

Fire Isle KS & Spinelle

I was training the next crafter (M'Boma) in Fire Isle Zone 1. I went AFK for 20-30 minutes and I returned to find Fear`s family from Uniao-Br clan building rotating blades and cannon turrets all over my characters. There was also an expired squad invite from Intake family.

I suppose they wanted to squad, but I was AFK. What really annoyed me was that he just camped all over my characters, despite the fact that I wasn't around to join the squad. If I didn't come back for a few hours, he would be KS-ing me for the whole time.

Finding it rather inconsiderate, I decided to test Treasure Golem against the blades and turrets. It worked somewhat, but I didn't really want to be active anymore at that time. So just before I logoff, I used spinelles in Fire Isle, summoning several Golden Spiders to destroy his blades and stuffs.

Personally, I never liked players who used spinelles in Fire Isle, so I'm not really happy about doing it myself. Sorry to everybody else who got hit b…

SNW 43: Blade Smith

The family returned to Los Toldos and farmed 104 Pure Otites using 85 Mysterious Powders. As usual, it was really boring and tiresome. IMC should just let you accumulate unlimited number of Refined Otites inside and then let you trade for 1-2 Pure Otites for every 100 Refined Otites + 1 Mysterious Powder. In the end, 3 elite polearms were crafted.

Adelina continued her last leg of training in Fire Isle Zone 2 and Topolo Durga, looting Mass Cure Ring, Frost Ignition Ring, and Tornado Vortex Ring. Finally, she became the 6th crafter to reach Lv.100, leaving 3 more crafters to level. Now, she can craft all the light melee weapons for the family.

The experts made 4 visits to Bellem's Relics this week, and returned with more Lv.84 elite rubbish. Anahita (f/sco) and Jack found their 20th Fire Isle Treasure in Zone 2: Gigantic Poleaxe, Elite Earthcracker, and Elite Clayshooter.

On the next day, Anahita (f/sco) found her 21st Fire Isle Treasure in Free Zone: Bracelet of Behemoth, Elite Muert…


Chevalier literally means "horseman" in French, and is equivalent to the English "knight". It is a rank used in several orders, including the crusader orders of Knights Templar and Knights Hospitaller. The term was later also used by men of noble birth or noble pretensions who could not claim any of the standard territorial titles.

Incidentally, I was watching Blood+, a rather bloody (and thus true to its name) anime about a feud between 2 vampiric queens aired in 2005-2006. In the show, chevaliers refer to the vampiric knights or guardians created by the respective queens. You can watch Blood+ online at Anime-Media (click on the banner below). JavaScript must be enabled.

Coimbra Shuffle!! 23-30 June 2009

Coimbra Shuffle!! for jGE has been updated for 23-30 June 2009. You may check on the website during the promotion period and view close-up shots. JavaScript must be enabled.

All weapons above are veteran exclusive. Although not specifically stated, Silver Feet should be similar to other Silver series weapons (e.g. Silver Striker, Crystal Shooter). This means it should be Lv.92 with AR 30.

Other stuffs include Elite Schvarlier Armor, Elite Le Blanc (mus), Steel Rook (chess blunt), Elite Daemon Slayer, Crystal Shotgun (ATK Speed +10%), Elite Metallic Suit, and Elite Pendera Jacket.

Head Icons v3.4

One of the files patched in sGE v3.4 is portrait.bmp within ui.ipf. This file contains the head icons used besides character HP/SP bars and, for pets, in pet window (Alt-P). There are a few interesting head icons. Here is a resized sample of the file.

Notice the following head icons...

Column 1: Sir Lyndon.Column 6: Selden, GM, Unknown Woman (below Adelina), Fritz.Column 7: Dilos Latemn, Sierra, Dr. Torsche, Novia, Princess Gabriela, Leonore, Simon, Montoro.Playable characters in development? Or more likely, characters for GM use during events. You can extract portrait.bmp from ui.ipf using IPF Extractor. You can then edit the .bmp file and use the head icons for forum avatars, signatures, etc.

SNW 42: Gigantic Blaster

The family hunted several bosses, and looted Elite Plate, Key [Barrow de la Muerte] x2, Energy Shield Ring, Blue Rough-Stone x2 (Zircon x2), Green Rough-Stone, and a few enchantment chips. I wonder why Boneless (Lv.100) drops only Lv.88 chips, when Golden Spider (Lv.92) already drops Lv.92 chips.

Anyway, after his veteran promotion (DEX +1) last week, Jack's cannon turrets gained AR/DR +1 (51) and improved ATK (cannon turret ATK +56; siege-cannon turret ATK +62). After begging for weeks, Anahita (f/sco) finally received Tactical Assistance stance, since the family is generally too stingy to support her.

After spending some time in Scorching Plateau and Topolo Durga, Visca (Bernelli) was promoted to veteran status, and learnt Gigantic Blaster. Using a +4 Conqueror Shotgun enchanted with ATK 40% Acc +16, she still can't 1-hit kill off those Lv.70+ mobs in Fire Isle Free Zone. WTH... This is FAIL. It looks so nice on her, but it's damn useless. Granted it is not a racial weapon…

sGE v3.4 The Masquerade

Singapore Granado Espada has updated to v3.4.14! See v3.4 The Masquerade, v3.4 Patch Notes, and sGE Version Updates. The full client and manual patch are available for download here. See also the previous blog entry on sGE v3.4.14 News.

Chateau de Bourgogne
A MCC1 instance raid, involving the Arsene Circus, is added to Reboldueux Culverts. Drops include veteran enchantment chips, DR28 armor recipes, AR32 weapon recipes, veteran gloves/boots, and Arsene Circus Tickets (both items and recipes). Each family can enter only once per day, and since it is MCC1, you can only bring 1 character along. See the forum discussion topic for tips, tricks, and whatever else.

New RNPC: Ania & Hellena
Ania and Hellena will be available for recruitment. Note that the reward for rejecting Hellena has been changed from Dragon Heart Recipe to Combat Manual (15-days), as stated here. See Book of Wind for their quest details.

Fortune Cat
A new healing-buff pet is available in some exclusive event. I hope they …

SNW Update Delayed... Yet Again

In the poll forum topic about expectation of new content (v2.9b) here, most Sword of the New World players did not believe the patch will happen in June as previously announced. From page 13 onwards, K2-Neume returned to comment...

In reality we've had a lot of server issues that are being resolved. The new G1 mucked up a lot of stuff (as you may have noticed over the past few days web wise). I am hoping we can get a patch out this month, but it's likely it'll be early July. We'll see. [...]

I am confident that before the end of the summer (8/31) we'll have EotE live. [...]

Imma a 'tard it is EoE I type too fast. Echoes of an Empire. [...]

I do want to point out the fact that I just had a very long meeting with our CEO who was... let's say furious about the state of Sword. We've communicated our issues and he has placed me back into the team and we'll have several more people jumping in shortly to assist. I don't know what I can possib…

ABS: Magic & Stars

The loot table for sGE's ABS has been updated again. Top loots are the summer costumes for female elementalist, male elementalist, and female wizard.

Prized loots are Sylph Wings (365-days), Fairy Wings (365-days), Elite Magic Broom, Toy Hammer, Brown/White Cow costumes/hats, and assorted Traditional Korean costumes. The forum posters are saying that the Toy Hammer in this version turns out to be AR32 like a Chess series blunt, instead of AR30 (jGE version).

Toy Hammer is Lv.100; Shiny Broom is Lv.92.

For more screenshots, see Magic & Stars article.

Since 02 June 2009, sGE players can no longer convert G-Points (cash shop credits) to ABS. See official notice here. The suspension may be due to concerns about under-aged gambling. At the moment, it seems that 70k G-Points GVC (i.e. SGD 60.00) will grant only 30 free ABS. See here.

Update: Kaioujin stated here that... "Toy Hammer's AR will be reverted to 30 with the V3.4." This probably also means it will be reduced back …

jGE: Hungry NPC Event

There is a new jGE event 新大陸マッスル王決定戦 ("Blah-Blah" King of the New World Battle), which involves collection of certain food items and trading them to NPCs in Queen's Gate for random rewards. The event lasts from 16 June to 14 July 2009.

Hey, this fish isn't fresh! I demand a refund!

The rewards include Golden Fist (AR32), Golden Feet (AR32), expert stance books, socketing flux (aka socket tranquilizer), assorted event cash shop potions (e.g. event triumph filler), assorted progressive potions (e.g. progressive nutrition), and Lv.90 EXP cards.

Mardias commented in the forum about this event here:
*Looks at SGE*
*shakes head*

All I can say is... You should have seen Sword of the New World at the moment. *shakes head*

Joaquin Treasure Chamber

Joaquin Treasure Chamber can be accessed by giving 1 Diamond Coupon to Ivan Popovichi at Thueringen Lakeside (E4). You will be warped into a room with lots of Treasure Maidens where you can kill and loot for 3 minutes. The first room contains a warp portal to the 2nd room, which in turn contains a warp portal to the 3rd room. Each use of the warp portal requires 1 additional Diamond Coupon. This is essentially a higher version of Tetra Treasure Chamber and Al Quelt Moreza Treasure Chamber.

The Lv.80 monsters in the 1st room drop Pure Talt, Pure Ionium, and Lv.80 equipment.

The Lv.90 monsters in the 2nd room drop Pure Talt, Pure Ionium, Pure Quartz, Pure Aidanium, Bellem's Box, and Lv.80-84 equipment.

The Lv.100 monsters in the 3rd room drop Pure Talt, Pure Ionium, Pure Quartz, Pure Aidanium, Pure Etretanium, Bellem's Box, Diamond Coupon, and Lv.80-84 equipment (rarely, Woodwork Hammer and Wooden Controller).

SNW Emergency Maintenance... Again

First, there was lag, then inability to log back to town after changing team. Logging out will render you unable to log back in for 15 minutes. So, each time you want to change team, wait 15 minutes. Other players were complaining about inability to enter Land of the Dead. After a few waits, I managed to login, and decided to try out my luck in the Room of the Dead (aka Barrow de la Muerte). And mid-way, this happened...

Oh shit! Panic station!

Well, I managed to kill it before maintenance, and Montoro did not throw a fit this time anyway. Now, we have server instability even after a 4-days mega-maintenance for hardware upgrade less than 2 weeks ago. (See my blog entry about the mega-maintenance, and forum topic for QQ.)

The server went down at around 2.25 am (PST), and should remain so for another 2 hours 30 minutes. Knowing K2, it will probably be more than that. See Emergency Server Maintenance.

The v3.0 patch was said in March to be expected in late May to late June here. Then in May,…

Pedo-Bear Alert

So this blog has 35 followers from Google Friend Connect. I don't usually concern myself too much with who is following, but the newest follower is a bit disturbing.

Not only is he stalking this blog, he is stalking 2 other sGE blogs as well. This is probably the sGE forum user with the same name (see here). I don't use Claire at the moment, and I seldom talk about her as well. I wonder if he is here because of the recent posts about v3.6 characters. A forum poster, kooriyuki, mentioned here that Valeria is just another pedo-bear bait. I think he/she may very well be right.

As a public service announcement, all readers are advised on the following:

Keep your under-aged daughters away from the 3 blogs concerned.Do not accept candy or ice-cream from any suspicious ursine humanoid.Avoid wearing loose skirts that provide a clear up-skirt view. See sample below.

Picture taken from kaRIN's forum post here.

SNW 41: Cursed Elite Pajamas

Several non-veterans went to Fire Isle to train and farm for enchantment chips. They met ModernLove family, who decided to be a public nuisance by summoning spinelles in Zone 1... twice. They also looted Energy Shield Ring and Sergeant Break Ring. While training others, Jack reached Lv.100 himself and became the family's newest veteran. The experts made 15 visits to Bellem's Relics this week, and returned with Elite Laranja e Preto and a pile of Lv.84 elite rubbish.

Alustriel (ETS) upgraded her Lv.92 Elite Pendera Jacket to +6 with 40 upgrade accelerators and 1 veteran +5 lacquer. But after 350 enchantment chips and 75 enchant boosters, it still refused to get DEF Rating +3. Feeling the loss of hundreds of millions in vis, she decided to try enchanting other equipment, and, with just 1 chip, enchanted DEF 7 DEF Rating +3 on Lv.36 Elite Tempest Robe... WTF! FAIL. Ugh. /wrist + QQ


Oh, cruel fate! How could thou mock me thus?
After a total of 565 chips and 269 boosters,…

Summer Collection 2009

Japanese GE has introduced a new costume box in their Summer Collection 2009, available during 9-16 June 2009. Other than the costumes below, there were others, including the stock character costumes made available in sGE ABS recently, as well as the standard RNPC/UPC costumes (e.g. Grace Bernelli's Bistre costume).

It is funny to consider that this "Summer Collection" models take their shots in Katovic Snowfield.


Kaladbolg ("hard belly" or "hard lightning") is the sword of Fergus mac Róich from Irish mythology. It was said to be a two-handed sword that made a circle like an arc of rainbow when swung, and to have the power to slice the tops off hills and take out an entire host.

During the Táin Bó Cuailnge, Ailill mac Máta takes Kaladbolg away from Fergus mac Róich when he discovers Fergus' affair with his wife. He gives it back eventually, and Conall Cernach convinces Fergus not to kill Conchobar mac Nessa. Fergus strikes the Three Great Strokes on three small hills instead, blasting off their tops.

Buying Feso Through Market Manager

It is possible to try to buy/sell feso through the Market Manager. The following items can be bought from and sold back to Item Dealer NPC (e.g. Emilia in Coimbra) for exactly the same price.

ItemVisSilver Bar 50k White Silver Bar 1m Elemental Jewel 10m
For example, if you want to buy feso at 1:40 rate, you can buy Elemental Jewel from NPC for 10m vis, then sell it in Market Manager for 250k feso (10m/40). The feso seller can then buy it using feso and then sell it to NPC for 10m vis.

Some common items can also be used for this purpose. The following table lists such items and their sell-to-NPC prices. It is possible to use other items as well, but their sell-to-NPC prices must be commonly known, or feso sellers will not know the exchange rate and will be unwilling to buy those items.

ItemVisPure Gold Bar 150k Strange Mineral 1k Pure Etretanium 500 Pure Aidanium 450 Pure Quartz 400 Pure Ionium 350 Pure Talt 300
The advantage of this method is that you don't have to keep b…

New Character Details v3.6

The translations for v3.6 characters have been provided by LaserBeam in IAHGames forum for Reckless Emilia, Catherine, and Valeria: "This was a bit hard to translate according to my friend, so there probably are a few mistakes related to the names and such, but you'll get the general idea anyway."

Join the Dark Side!

The reason why she lost her temper?
She tried to find her missing father on 3rd chapter, she heard Dr. Lorenzo, her father's story, excelling the constellation her father found Emilia who's been studying hard on ancient antique. Then couldn't handle the power of ancient knowledge. She lost the reason to study further and becomes a reckless character. Now she poses powerful combat skill and knowledge.

I was right. She's alive!

She whose Life is in Secret
Orpesia's best alchemist, Dr. Torsche's daughter, she was kidnapped and faked death...
After under influence of Duke Pelipe, from the educational institution, she lear…

Caebolan Quests

You can reach Caebolan via Bahamar Underground Cave Fl.1 (C8/D8) from Bahamar Wetlands. You may not change channel or save warp points within Interna de Gigante.

These quests must be completed before you can start on Selva's Recruitment Quests.

Reward: None.

Walk around Caebolan (D8) until you acquire Stone Leaf in your inventory (under Quest tab). You will need to return to this spot again for the next quest, so save a warp point here.
Talk to Leonora inside Old Witch's House in Bahamar Deep Swamp (G6).Deliver Leonora's Letter to Igorne in New Opoluto (E3).Deliver Igorne's Letter back to Leonora.

Reward: Veteran Polish x3, Veteran EXP Card (14m EXP)

Collect Stone Leaf in Caebolan (D8), i.e. the same place as the previous quest.Collect Stone Sword in Caebolan (E7).Collect Stone Flower in Caebolan (C4). A hostile Selva (Lv.110) will appear, asking you to go away. If you do not attack her, she will despawn after a few seconds. You do…