Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

kGE v3.6 Teaser

kGE has released a video teaser for v3.6 here. The secrets of the 5 elements will be explored in future patches. The 5 elements are wind, earth, fire, water, and heart... Captain Planet comes to Granado Espada! The 5 elements are associated with each region of the extended map. More on the map later...

Elementalist gets a new stance! The trump series, formerly known as costumes, might end up being the top elite armor.

New pet chicken! Raid at anytime (possibly only applies for Team Arena and other daily missions related to the statue)! New raid boss in Land of the Dead!

Three new characters - Catherine (left), Reckless Emilia (middle), and Valeria (right). See New Character Details v3.6.

Reckless Emilia

See also 散歩道 here and here, and the forum discussion here.

Edit: Anytime Raid is possibly for daily missions only. Added link to new character details.


Almontri said…
Dude! I need translations! D:
3.6 looks so awesome. T____T
The Warden said…
I totally wanna play just for this version. T_T!
mooferz said…
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mooferz said…
Reckless Emilia? The same Emilia in Coimbra? >.> What's with these funky "transformations" of old NPCs. x.x Now she just looks like some older slut.

Catherine's new look is awesome, and Valeria... just looks like another Claire loli girl.
Dnerus said…
I'm very interested in that new Catherine, and the Valeria NPC. Would just like to say thanks for this site. Been using it for a while now, just never commented. Finally signed up today. I guess I should also thank you for the info you've put out on sGE. Finally motivated me enough to stop playing Sword so much and start over on sGE. Looking forward to future infomation you post up on site.