Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

SNW 42: Gigantic Blaster

The family hunted several bosses, and looted Elite Plate, Key [Barrow de la Muerte] x2, Energy Shield Ring, Blue Rough-Stone x2 (Zircon x2), Green Rough-Stone, and a few enchantment chips. I wonder why Boneless (Lv.100) drops only Lv.88 chips, when Golden Spider (Lv.92) already drops Lv.92 chips.

Anyway, after his veteran promotion (DEX +1) last week, Jack's cannon turrets gained AR/DR +1 (51) and improved ATK (cannon turret ATK +56; siege-cannon turret ATK +62). After begging for weeks, Anahita (f/sco) finally received Tactical Assistance stance, since the family is generally too stingy to support her.

After spending some time in Scorching Plateau and Topolo Durga, Visca (Bernelli) was promoted to veteran status, and learnt Gigantic Blaster. Using a +4 Conqueror Shotgun enchanted with ATK 40% Acc +16, she still can't 1-hit kill off those Lv.70+ mobs in Fire Isle Free Zone. WTH... This is FAIL. It looks so nice on her, but it's damn useless. Granted it is not a racial weapon, but a veteran shouldn't need racial weapon to kill Lv.70+ mobs. She did better in Topolo Durga though, but then those human mobs are weak to begin with.

The new veterans, Visca and Jack, take a break at Café Konditorei.

Romina and 2 experts entered Barrow de la Muerte (aka Room of the Dead) and encountered Frenzied Ravyn (Lv.97), who dropped a clean Leather Boots (Yay~!). No ring dropped, but at least they got a Lv.100 enchantment chip from his Unholy Heart (Lv.97). A second attempt was made with Anahita (f/sco) just before an emergency maintenance, but Ravyn did not become frenzied.

The experts joined an in-game event involving a Lava Leaf, but as usual, it was a lag-fest and no loot was gained. In fact, I didn't even see the wisps or the drops. I don't know why I bother with these mass-orgy events. This crappy computer just can't take the lag.

The experts made 10 visits to Bellem's Relics this week, and returned with Daemon Sword, Bracelet of Ziz, Carbon Gaiters, Elite Striform, Elite Laranja e Preto, and more Lv.84 elite rubbish. Not bad, considering the previous FAIL week involving Elite Pajamas.

Anahita (f/sco) and Jack found their 19th Fire Isle Treasure in Zone 2: Gigantic Poleaxe, Elite Arondight, and Elite Staff of Simurgh. They also looted Tornado Vortex Ring there, and met another nuisance family, Kentsumaki from Caliburn clan, trying to kill other families in Zone 2 with Thoracotomy (and Wolf ← WTF) spinelles.