[KOR] New Premium Character—Kiss (키스). See [YouTube] Skill Motions.

ABS: Magic & Stars

The loot table for sGE's ABS has been updated again. Top loots are the summer costumes for female elementalist, male elementalist, and female wizard.

Prized loots are Sylph Wings (365-days), Fairy Wings (365-days), Elite Magic Broom, Toy Hammer, Brown/White Cow costumes/hats, and assorted Traditional Korean costumes. The forum posters are saying that the Toy Hammer in this version turns out to be AR32 like a Chess series blunt, instead of AR30 (jGE version).

Toy Hammer is Lv.100; Shiny Broom is Lv.92.

For more screenshots, see Magic & Stars article.

Since 02 June 2009, sGE players can no longer convert G-Points (cash shop credits) to ABS. See official notice here. The suspension may be due to concerns about under-aged gambling. At the moment, it seems that 70k G-Points GVC (i.e. SGD 60.00) will grant only 30 free ABS. See here.

Update: Kaioujin stated here that... "Toy Hammer's AR will be reverted to 30 with the V3.4." This probably also means it will be reduced back to Lv.92 with base ATK 239.