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Fire Isle KS & Spinelle

I was training the next crafter (M'Boma) in Fire Isle Zone 1. I went AFK for 20-30 minutes and I returned to find Fear`s family from Uniao-Br clan building rotating blades and cannon turrets all over my characters. There was also an expired squad invite from Intake family.

I suppose they wanted to squad, but I was AFK. What really annoyed me was that he just camped all over my characters, despite the fact that I wasn't around to join the squad. If I didn't come back for a few hours, he would be KS-ing me for the whole time.

Finding it rather inconsiderate, I decided to test Treasure Golem against the blades and turrets. It worked somewhat, but I didn't really want to be active anymore at that time. So just before I logoff, I used spinelles in Fire Isle, summoning several Golden Spiders to destroy his blades and stuffs.

Personally, I never liked players who used spinelles in Fire Isle, so I'm not really happy about doing it myself. Sorry to everybody else who got hit by the spiders. If you are in the screenshot, I'll gladly pay you 100k vis for the key to re-enter the zone. Just drop me a PM in-game. I apologize for any inconvenience caused to innocent bystanders.


demon said…
Hey..this is off topic..I just want to ask u about Damaged Ancient Glazium..do u know what level can u be equip with it? 120 or 100?
Ashardalon said…
Um, damaged ancient weapons (AR31) are veteran exclusive, so you need to be at least veteran to use them. But they are mostly just broken for veteran chips, since nobody wanna deal with the stat penalty.
demon said…
what do u mean by broken? it's worst than epic?
So u said ancient weapons just for veteran chips?
Sarah.J.Downes said…
Heys Ash,
I know what you mean, I was in the 3rd clearing of 100k yesterday and Intake spammed me with squad invites. He didn't seem to understand that 'I'm here for 1 and a half levels, to get Claude to 84, then I'm gone' meant not a chance.
There was a big squad of them, like one vet Brunie, killing in sight shot, the rest were level 75 and below. Like that's NOT gonna kill your exp gain (/endsarcasm)you must have shown up just after I warped to Auch =)
Glad I didn't stick around. Feel for you though. I hate these Uniao-br clans being ignorant and KSing/spinning/generally being dicks all the time.

You also seem to have a great knack of finding those treasures =( I gave up looking..

Anyways Take care =)
Ashardalon said…
@demon: I never heard of ppl actually using ancient damaged weapons. See Arconis' screenshots.

@Fae: I was just annoyed that he didn't care if I was in the squad or not, and just went ahead and built all over me. I didn't really mind the squad that much, although big squads are not really effective for leveling.