Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

The Power of Darkness

The long-neglected wizard finally gets some love in kGE v3.5.22 test server, including a constellation (expert) stance.

The Power of Darkness
Constellation Sign: Aries
Weapon: Staff, Rod, Special Rod
Available For: Expert Wizard, M'Boma, Emilia, Emilia the Sage

  • Deep Sleep is probably just an upgraded version.
  • Improved Disease reduces immunity, block, resistance, DEF, and at Lv.11, DR-1.
  • Blood Curse reduces max HP/SP, DEF, and movement speed.
  • Gloomy Present reduces movement speed and visibility range (see screenshot below).
  • Whole Cancellation restricts skill use, removes buffs, and detects invisible.

Levitation gains Amplify skill, which at Lv.12 grants mental ATK +46 (not penetration), SP +290, movement speed -12, AR+1, and DR+1. The damage of Photon Splash has also been increased, e.g. Lv.1 ATK increases from 299% to 329%. Levitation's SP consumption also increases from 12 to 15.

Anathema stance gains Destruction skill, which "destroys" the target corpse. This forces the dead character back to the quarters/barracks. or prevents the use of soul crystals/resuscitation. Actual effect is uncertain for now. *Updated*

The damage of Shootdown Shot skill has also increased.


Edit: Aries is the symbol needed for Power of Darkness. Destruction sends the corpse back to the barracks/quarters. See kGE Test Server Notes v3.5.25.


Almontri said…
mooferz said…
Mmm, debuuuufffsss. Makes me wanna expert my wiz now.
Panther said…
At least wiz gets an Expert stance. Further more debuffs, and an addition to the levitation stance. I can just see the cost of that skill's ring and Levi ring rise like mad when this gets out.
und3rgr0und said…
you can play on KGe server?