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SNW Emergency Maintenance... Again

First, there was lag, then inability to log back to town after changing team. Logging out will render you unable to log back in for 15 minutes. So, each time you want to change team, wait 15 minutes. Other players were complaining about inability to enter Land of the Dead. After a few waits, I managed to login, and decided to try out my luck in the Room of the Dead (aka Barrow de la Muerte). And mid-way, this happened...

Oh shit! Panic station!

Well, I managed to kill it before maintenance, and Montoro did not throw a fit this time anyway. Now, we have server instability even after a 4-days mega-maintenance for hardware upgrade less than 2 weeks ago. (See my blog entry about the mega-maintenance, and forum topic for QQ.)

The server went down at around 2.25 am (PST), and should remain so for another 2 hours 30 minutes. Knowing K2, it will probably be more than that. See Emergency Server Maintenance.

The v3.0 patch was said in March to be expected in late May to late June here. Then in May, it was "nerfed" to v2.9b here, with v3.0 coming about 45 days later (i.e. mid-August). It is mid-June now, and we have heard nothing about the patch (other than Soon™, and a bear invasion event). Surely, K2 would know by now if they are on schedule to release v2.9b in 2 weeks? Just compare how much there is left to do versus how much time is left.

An efficient company will make sure its employees meet the dateline set for any given business project. What's up with K2? On the other hand, IAHGames had to postpone their v3.4 patch by just 1 day, and promptly informed the players here and via in-game notices.

Hm. It is just too bad. I really do not want to go through the trouble of using cash shop, earning vis, and re-equipping my characters in sGE. But if this keeps up, I may be forced to do so.

Edit: Oh yes, I should mention this. Players have made a forum signature banner for the mega-maintenance back then. It is now known as the Great Downtime of 2009.

Update: There is another forum signature made for those who did NOT survive the Great Downtime.