Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

New Character Details v3.6

The translations for v3.6 characters have been provided by LaserBeam in IAHGames forum for Reckless Emilia, Catherine, and Valeria: "This was a bit hard to translate according to my friend, so there probably are a few mistakes related to the names and such, but you'll get the general idea anyway."

Join the Dark Side!

The reason why she lost her temper?
She tried to find her missing father on 3rd chapter, she heard Dr. Lorenzo, her father's story, excelling the constellation her father found Emilia who's been studying hard on ancient antique. Then couldn't handle the power of ancient knowledge. She lost the reason to study further and becomes a reckless character. Now she poses powerful combat skill and knowledge.

I was right. She's alive!

She whose Life is in Secret
Orpesia's best alchemist, Dr. Torsche's daughter, she was kidnapped and faked death...
After under influence of Duke Pelipe, from the educational institution, she learned infiltration and poison, and assassination, there for obtaining amazing skill but worried that all the hostages would be killed, she has never been involved in Frunandez's warfares and fights.
From Erunandez's brainwashing, her memories of childhood was sealed, therefore forcing her to believe that he is her real father just as Strataxbista's apprehension. Torsche sees Biorke's cooperation, to discharge the role of the taking hostage, and comes to the new world.

Ragnar: "Valeria can not be Gabriela twin sister,

Princess Gabriella's hidden twin sister
From the vespanola king, Princess Gabriella's twin sister, Valeria, following Stratacbista's traditional birth was concealed. Stratacbista followed all the demands from the king and if king's one and only child was to be sacrificed to protect his most beloved he prepared and raised a twin Valeria, with no name, grew up in secrecy. Her proper camp was undone, forcing her to hide in the deepest camp later, the name Valeria was given to her by her rescuers, the colonists.
Because she was hidden for so long she does not know much about the world she live in now she faces adventures.


mooferz said…
Still doesn't explain how Emilia grew 10 bra sizes and formed an emo goth look.

Ohai real Catherine. You were missing all these years and now you decide to magically pop up all of a sudden.

I KNEW Valeria looked familiar. I was gonna say she looked kinda like Gabriela. Go figure.
Ashardalon said…
Actually, Emilia got a bust size upgrade since they released ETS.

There was a comic about it.
Comic 9
Comic 10
Almontri said…
Wow, very interesting. SO MUCH NEW STORYNESS NOW. AHHHHH :D
Dnerus said…
People always wanted a Princess Gabriel NPC for barracks. Looks like they finally get their wish. Though it's a sister.
Panther said…
I can already foresee how many want Valeria just because she is Gabriela's twin sister.

Also hot Cath and Goth Emilia are hot.
Angela said…
my older twin brothers are different heights, so having different bust sizes isn't very ~shocking~

plus valeria the orphan probably wasn't as well fed as princess gabriella or something :P

game needs more smexy male eyecandy. stf is semi-useless and does not suffice :x