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SNW 41: Cursed Elite Pajamas

Several non-veterans went to Fire Isle to train and farm for enchantment chips. They met ModernLove family, who decided to be a public nuisance by summoning spinelles in Zone 1... twice. They also looted Energy Shield Ring and Sergeant Break Ring. While training others, Jack reached Lv.100 himself and became the family's newest veteran. The experts made 15 visits to Bellem's Relics this week, and returned with Elite Laranja e Preto and a pile of Lv.84 elite rubbish.

Alustriel (ETS) upgraded her Lv.92 Elite Pendera Jacket to +6 with 40 upgrade accelerators and 1 veteran +5 lacquer. But after 350 enchantment chips and 75 enchant boosters, it still refused to get DEF Rating +3. Feeling the loss of hundreds of millions in vis, she decided to try enchanting other equipment, and, with just 1 chip, enchanted DEF 7 DEF Rating +3 on Lv.36 Elite Tempest Robe... WTF! FAIL. Ugh. /wrist + QQ


Oh, cruel fate! How could thou mock me thus?

After a total of 565 chips and 269 boosters, the coat is still DEF Rating +2 only. The family easily spent over 1 billion vis enchanting this crap. After this lame experience, is it any wonder that Emilia is going to turn to the dark side? Sigh. It is just so hard to get a good pajamas these days... Maybe it is time to /ragequit...

Feeling frustrated, the family went on an over-upgrading spree, breaking Silver Whistle, Woodwork Hammer x2, Elite Robe of Uranus x2, Dragon Hunter Bayonet x2, Grim-Wight, Grim-Wraith, and Assassin Dagger. In return, they got +5 Elite Poignard, +5 Veteran Ancestral Coat, +5 Grim-Wraith, +5 Sword Breaker, +6 Sword Breaker, and +6 Gigantic Poleaxe.


shinelight said…
hi there

I know someone who practice a certain ritual to draw luck on his side when enchanting. It is not superstition but a reasonable practice based on logic. Don't you have some kind of rituals before you enchant? I'm sorry to hear all the vis lost on enchanting. Wish you better luck next time.

Cheers, SL