[KOR] Altria Ep.1 Preview + New Characters Coa.

Pedo-Bear Alert

So this blog has 35 followers from Google Friend Connect. I don't usually concern myself too much with who is following, but the newest follower is a bit disturbing.


Not only is he stalking this blog, he is stalking 2 other sGE blogs as well. This is probably the sGE forum user with the same name (see here). I don't use Claire at the moment, and I seldom talk about her as well. I wonder if he is here because of the recent posts about v3.6 characters. A forum poster, kooriyuki, mentioned here that Valeria is just another pedo-bear bait. I think he/she may very well be right.

As a public service announcement, all readers are advised on the following:

  • Keep your under-aged daughters away from the 3 blogs concerned.
  • Do not accept candy or ice-cream from any suspicious ursine humanoid.
  • Avoid wearing loose skirts that provide a clear up-skirt view. See sample below.

Picture taken from kaRIN's forum post here.


Angela said…
I passed by pedobear's house on Halloween.


Just thought I'd share :x
DeSanggria said…
LOL. straightener be teh ultimate pedo.

be afraid. be VERY afraid. XD
Maki said…
LOL ! i iz special menshun! :3 thnx haha =D

nah i used to always check your blog, now that i made my own blogger account. Just decided to follow yers =o and some of meh friends lol!

I play in SotNW in the pk server (the one on top) im at 20's haha XD