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Caebolan Quests

You can reach Caebolan via Bahamar Underground Cave Fl.1 (C8/D8) from Bahamar Wetlands. You may not change channel or save warp points within Interna de Gigante.

These quests must be completed before you can start on Selva's Recruitment Quests.

Reward: None.

  • Walk around Caebolan (D8) until you acquire Stone Leaf in your inventory (under Quest tab). You will need to return to this spot again for the next quest, so save a warp point here.
  • Talk to Leonora inside Old Witch's House in Bahamar Deep Swamp (G6).
  • Deliver Leonora's Letter to Igorne in New Opoluto (E3).
  • Deliver Igorne's Letter back to Leonora.

Reward: Veteran Polish x3, Veteran EXP Card (14m EXP)

  • Collect Stone Leaf in Caebolan (D8), i.e. the same place as the previous quest.
  • Collect Stone Sword in Caebolan (E7).
  • Collect Stone Flower in Caebolan (C4). A hostile Selva (Lv.110) will appear, asking you to go away. If you do not attack her, she will despawn after a few seconds. You do not need to defeat Selva to continue the quest.
  • Talk to Igorne in New Opoluto (E3) to receive the reward.

Reward: Veteran Polish x3, Veteran EXP Card (14m EXP)

  • Go to Interna de Gigante (H2) to trigger a non-combat quest instance (The Waiting Woman, aka Waiting Individual) to watch the confrontation between Igorne and Sharon and the arrival of Eduardo.

  • Collect Amethyst Fragment x10 to use the Warp Gate (F4) to reach the central part of the map at E5. Amethyst Fragment is dropped by Vespanola Soldier (Lv.120), Arco (Lv.118), Bacchant (Lv.120), and Elicium (Lv.121) in Caebolan and Interna de Gigante.

  • Go to E8 to trigger a combat instance (Meeting Again, aka Unexpected Meeting) for 10 minutes. Kill Eva Sharon (Lv.130) and her mob of Lv.112 monsters. The Rescue Knights (Lv.120) brought by Igorne (Lv.130) will help you to kill the enemies. Eduardo (Lv.140) will appear again after a while and help in the fight. Selva (Lv.140) will confront him about his lost memories.

Sharon gets a new look in v3... ~~

  • After the instance, you may be moved back to the Warp Gate (F4). If not, go back to the northern part of the map yourself. (I was moved in v2.9, but not moved in v3.2.)
  • Go back to Interna de Gigante (H2) to trigger a non-combat instance (Truth of the Past, aka Truth Or Lie), where Selva talks to Igorne about the loss of her arm. After which, you will be moved to the Warp Gate at F4.
  • Collect Amethyst Fragment x10 again and use the Warp Gate (F4) to enter the central part of the map.
  • Go to H10 to trigger a combat instance (A Sense of Fate, aka Sense of the Fate) for 10 minutes. Fight Sharon (Lv.130) and her mob of Lv.112 monsters again, with the help of Rescue Knights (Lv.120), Eduardo (Lv.140), and Selva (Lv.140).
  • After Sharon has been defeated, move to the green arrow on the map to watch the fate of Cortes and the guest appearance of Montoro. After which, you will be moved back to H3.

  • Talk to Igorne in New Opoluto (E3) to receive the reward.

Tips: When you warp to the central part of Interna de Gigante, you can run straight to the trigger spots (using potions to heal) and enter the quest instances immediately to avoid any following mobs, instead of slowly fighting your way through. To be safe, bring some soul crystals along. If you die along the way, you don't want to go back and farm another 10 Amethyst Fragments.

Farming another 10 fragments... ->

Within the combat instances, you can lure and "kite" the mobs around the Rescue Knights who will shoot them down. But it seems like you must stop to fight at least one or two before Eduardo will appear.

☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼

The Researcher in Caebolan (F6/G6) also offers 2 optional quests, unrelated to the main plot.

Reward: Lv.90 EXP Card (100k EXP) x3

  • Talk to the Researcher in Caebolan (F6/G6) twice to initiate this quest.
  • Kill Red Elemental x20 (Lv.122), Stone Graverobber x20 (Lv.118), and Stone Honeycomb x20 (Lv.121).

Reward: Lv.90 Arco Amber (Forte, Accelerando, Anti-Magic Shell, etc.) x1

  • Talk to the Researcher in Caebolan (F6/G6).
  • Collect Golden Egg Fruit x20 (misc. item) by attacking Golden Egg Millet (Lv.90) in Ustiur Farm, accessible via Estevan in Ustiur Base Camp (I5).
  • Collect Golden Leaf x20 (quest item) by attacking Jungle Millet (Lv.90) in Ustiur Zona Tres (C4).

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The above guide uses character/location names in Sword of the New World. The following are the equivalent names in Singapore Granado Espada.

  • Caebolan = Tierra Putrefacta (Land of Decay)
  • Interna de Gigante = Interna de Bahia
  • Bahamar Wetlands = Bahama Marshlands
  • Bahamar Deep Swamp = Bahama Swamp of Eternity
  • New Opoluto = Bahama Base Camp
  • Amethyst Fragment = Amethyst Piece
  • Igorne = Igorni
  • Veteran Polish = Lv.100 Glazium

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