[KOR] New Premium Character—Kiss (키스). See [YouTube] Skill Motions.

Repeatable Polish Acquisition

Polishes are used to make ancestral/pioneer equipment, which are useful for training characters to use. Storyline quests provide polishes as reward, but these are not repeatable. For information on pioneer equipment, see Pioneer Shields, Pioneer Equipment, and Dummies' Guide To Glazium. You can get polishes from 3 types of repeatable missions.

Amber missions [A] reward ambers along with the polishes. They are limited to a maximum of 5 missions at any one time. They are acquired from colony managers and militia NPC in towns. Only missions that hunt bosses provide polishes.

Super-Fight missions [S] reward EXP cards along with the polishes. They count towards the maximum limit for amber missions, i.e. you can only have 5 amber/super-fight missions. The hunts can only be done within the respective Super-Fight maps (e.g. Secret Temple, Poison Yard). They are acquired from the NPC in front of the respective Super-Fight warp gates.

EXP missions [E] reward EXP cards along with the polishes. There is no limit to how many EXP missions you can take at the same time. They are acquired from pioneering memorials. For maps and locations, see Pioneering Memorial Guide by valinorian. Only missions that hunt bosses provide polishes.

Lv.1 Polish: Initiate
[A] Al Quelt Moreza Militia (Reboldeaux, G7) - Cerbera x10
[A] Al Quelt Moreza Militia (Reboldeaux, G7) - Nest-Hair Huganoid x10

Lv.20 Polish: Novice
[A] Porto Bello Militia (Coimbra, G3) - Escudo Pecher x10
[A] Tetra Ruins Militia (Coimbra, C10) - Castor x10
[A] Tetra Ruins Militia (Coimbra, C10) - Pollux x10
[A] Tetra Hill (E4) - Phobitan Chieftain x10

Lv.40 Polish: Disciple
[A] Porto Bello Deserted Quay (G8) - Wahlansche x10
[A] Mansion Gatekeeper (Dr. Torsche's Mansion Grand Library, J3) - Victor x10
[S] Ramon, Reboldeaux Guard (Queen's Gate, F9/G9) - Vedanobah x220
[S] Ramon, Reboldeaux Guard (Queen's Gate, F9/G9) - Zealot x220

Lv.60 Polish: Explorer
[A] Joaquin Militia (Auch, C5/D5) - Vladimir x10
[A] Joaquin Militia (Auch, C5/D5) - Fallen Champion x10
[S] Katai Mercenary (Coimbra Nimrod Bridge, I8) - Phobitan Imp x110
[S] Katai Mercenary (Coimbra Nimrod Bridge, I8) - Horned Gargoyle x180
[E] Prison de Joaquin, The Mohrgus (E5) - Dragon Head x10
[E] Prison de Joaquin, Altar of Despair (G7) - Jabberwock Captain x10

Lv.80 Polish: Adept
[A] Ustiur Zona Dos (H7) - Sabre Tiger x10
[A] Lago Celeste (H6) - Golden Spider x10
[A] Rio Albi (E8) - Giant Komodo x10
[A] Rescue Knight Militia (Ustiur Base Camp, E5) - Thoracotomy x10
[S] Boris, Auch Guard (Thueringen Lakeside, E4) - Gavi di Gavi x210
[S] Boris, Auch Guard (Thueringen Lakeside, E4) - Zombie Merman x180
[S] Boris, Auch Guard (Thueringen Lakeside, E4) - Pollux of Chaos x150
[S] Boris, Auch Guard (Thueringen Lakeside, E4) - Castor of Chaos x150
[S] Katai Mercenary (Coimbra Nimrod Bridge, I8) - Nest-Hair Huganoid x100
[S] Katai Mercenary (Coimbra Nimrod Bridge, I8) - Tophat Huganoid x150
[S] Ramon, Reboldeaux Guard (Queen's Gate, F9/G9) - Reboldeaux Soldier x150
[S] Ramon, Reboldeaux Guard (Queen's Gate, F9/G9) - Coimbra Footman x170
[E] El Ruina de Memoria (E5) - Violent Ghost Baron x10
[E] Skeleton Dungeon 3F (E6/F6) - Boneless x10

Lv.100 Polish: Veteran
[E] Bahamar Murky Bayou (I10) - Swamp Angler x8
[E] Bahamar Murky Bayou (I10) - Swamp Silurian x50
[E] Bahamar Underground Cave 1F (D5) - King of Covetry x10
[E] Capybara Plantation (I5) - Golden Bat x30
[E] Capybara Mine Passage (B7) - Gullfaxi x10
[E] Frozen Wastes (F8) - Elmorc x10
[E] Glacial Forecourt (G7) - Avalanche Apparition x10
[E] Glacial Forecourt (G7) - Arctic Silurian x50
[E] Via Fluvial (H7) - Dream Blade Antelope x10
[E] Deprimida Valley (E6/E7) - Plateau Silurian x50
[E] Errac (F6) - Rhodolite Piece x25+50

Buying From Cash Shop
You can also buy Lv.1-80 polishes from the cash shop. However, note that this has been removed in later versions. See sGE's v3.0 Patch Notes. It is uncertain if this will apply to SNW. So if you want to buy them, you might want to do so before v3.0 patch is released.

Polish Upgrade & Exchange (v3.4)
In v3.4, you can exchange 3 polishes for 1 polish of 1 grade higher (e.g. 3 Lv.40 polishes for 1 Lv.60 polish). You can also upgrade a polish (e.g. Lv.40 polish becomes Lv.60 polish) with feso. Upgrading Lv.1 polish costs 40 feso. Each grade higher increases the cost by a factor of 4 (i.e. 160, 640, etc.). See sGE's v3.4 Patch Notes.

Everything above uses SNW names for maps, monsters, and items. The following are the localized names in sGE.

  • Polish = Glazium
  • Militia = Punitive Force
  • Swamp Angler = Swamp Frogfish
  • Silurian = Merman Eater
  • King of Covetry = King of Greed
  • Murky Bayou = Swamp of Peril
  • Frozen Wastes = Frozen Plain
  • Glacial Forecourt = Snowfield of the Ice Wizard

If you know of any polish-giving hunts missing from the list above, please leave a message in the comments. Thanks.

Edit: Broken links fixed. Added cash shop availability.

Added Super-Fight missions (credit: DarkFlow). Some of the [S] missions (e.g. zealot) are not yet possible to complete in SNW, since the low-level Super-Fight maps, such as Low-Level Secret Temple, are part of v2.9b... which is coming Soon™.

Added Plateau Silurian hunt for Veteran Polish. Added Hunting Soldier in Errac for Veteran Polish.


Andy said…
king of greed and king of covetry are both in sword. 1 spawns on one side, other on the other side of underground caves in bahamar F1
demon said…
my scout just became vet..what should i put for stats?
should I put DEX or INT? or something else?? Are they the same(DEX/INT)? I heard someone said Int gave Scout ability to heal 1.67k hp is this true? do u know?
Ashardalon said…
Eh. I thought the bosses on both sides of bahamar underground cave are exactly the same...

INT gives more heal and RES. DEX gives more heal and critical. Both DEX and INT increase healing by the same amount. I'm not sure about 1.67k, but a 14-point (5+9) healer heals 1749.

I put CON for my scout. I prefer a more durable healer as an option to my ETS (CON 4).

You can look at selsek's guide if you are not sure what to add for a vet character.
DarkFlow said…
In SOTNW I do quest for lvl 60 or 80 polish (don't remember now, need to check it) You need to ask about mission npc that stay outside port coimbra, when PY gates opens, u need get 2 missions, and then hunt this mobs in PY, after u kill 100 or something u talk again with npc near PY gate, they give reward.

About Scout INT or DEX, I select INT and it rise magical resistance and my scout heal ~1600 hp, with Healling ring ~1800 hp
My Friend have Expert scout with INTx2 mean he select on vet and expert INT and his scout heal ~ 2200hp without rings
Ashardalon said…
Thanks for the tip. Added Super-Fight missions for getting more polishes.