Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Buying Feso Through Market Manager

It is possible to try to buy/sell feso through the Market Manager. The following items can be bought from and sold back to Item Dealer NPC (e.g. Emilia in Coimbra) for exactly the same price.

Item Vis
Silver Bar 50k
White Silver Bar 1m
Elemental Jewel 10m

For example, if you want to buy feso at 1:40 rate, you can buy Elemental Jewel from NPC for 10m vis, then sell it in Market Manager for 250k feso (10m/40). The feso seller can then buy it using feso and then sell it to NPC for 10m vis.

Some common items can also be used for this purpose. The following table lists such items and their sell-to-NPC prices. It is possible to use other items as well, but their sell-to-NPC prices must be commonly known, or feso sellers will not know the exchange rate and will be unwilling to buy those items.

Item Vis
Pure Gold Bar 150k
Strange Mineral 1k
Pure Etretanium 500
Pure Aidanium 450
Pure Quartz 400
Pure Ionium 350
Pure Talt 300

The advantage of this method is that you don't have to keep broadcasting to buy/sell. The disadvantage is that if it sells, you incur a market tax.

How well this will work depends whether feso sellers are aware of and are active in searching the market for such trades. However, if the items are not sold, you lose nothing, since selling items for feso in the market does not incur 1% deposit.