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SNW Update Delayed... Yet Again

In the poll forum topic about expectation of new content (v2.9b) here, most Sword of the New World players did not believe the patch will happen in June as previously announced. From page 13 onwards, K2-Neume returned to comment...

In reality we've had a lot of server issues that are being resolved. The new G1 mucked up a lot of stuff (as you may have noticed over the past few days web wise). I am hoping we can get a patch out this month, but it's likely it'll be early July. We'll see. [...]

I am confident that before the end of the summer (8/31) we'll have EotE live. [...]

Imma a 'tard it is EoE I type too fast. Echoes of an Empire. [...]

I do want to point out the fact that I just had a very long meeting with our CEO who was... let's say furious about the state of Sword. We've communicated our issues and he has placed me back into the team and we'll have several more people jumping in shortly to assist. I don't know what I can possibly say to combat:

"Surely Neume is (till now) more charismatic than Raiden so his return looks like a desperate try of stopping people from leaving after the damage Raiden did in the last few weeks by treating customers as fools."

Because anything I say now is just pandering. But the reality is there has been a paradigm shift and things are changing.

Wee~ Another delay from K2! Who didn't see it coming? I think Seomis had a point here. It seems to me like the same story again. K2-Raven/Raiden joined the team... so "it will be different now!" Now K2-Neume returned, and things are "changing". The paradigm can keep shifting back and forth, but don't buy it until you see it.

Basically, v2.9b is delayed from late June to early July, while v3.0 is delayed from mid-August (i.e. 45 days after late June) to late August. So, overall, it is a delay of about 2 weeks. Meanwhile, sGE is due to launch v3.4.14 later today.



Almontri said…
Amazing how Dilbert relates to K2. O_O
Kyle said…
I think it is important to note that that is the absolute latest they want it out by, though, so there is definitely the possibility that it can come earlier. Given K2's history though, I guess we need to stay realistic..