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Scenario: The End of Jurgen

The End of Jurgen (Revelation Chapter 2) scenario was added in v27.18.11. This guide is based on v27.40.06. See Patch Notes for changes (if any) after this version.

The quests require the following items:
Magical Stone x10High Quality Wood x100Composite Steel x100 The quests require the following raid missions:
Demonic Occulta (Rank 3 or Hard) The quests require killing monsters in the following field maps:
Katovic SnowfieldFrozen Plain
Synopsis : A captive spy, Code Name J, revealed that Stratavista's secret army was almost ready, but the commander (Jurgen) was missing. Beatrice received an order from Marquis Hernandez to kill Jurgen. You investigated a blizzard for Hairdo Ridiculous (Ludeza) and found Jurgen to be at the heart of it. Orden inflamed the Otite of Wind since it had completely fused with Jurgen. In three days, the entire snowfield would be wiped off the map.

Pegadilla gave supplies to the Rescue Knights and you helped with securing the provisions. Emilia suspected tha…

Europe Update v28.00.72 + Marchetti's Quiz!

Europe server has updated to v28.00.72, which contains mostly skill updates.

Marchetti's Quiz! event involves identifying the character that makes a randomly selected sound clip. Be sure to turn on sound effects and character voices in Game Options (Alt + O). If you guess correctly, you get 3 event tickets. A wrong guess gets you 2 tickets instead.

The new event weapon costume costs 10 tickets. You can also get Principal Ampule or Soul Crystal for 1 ticket each.

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Side Quests: The Tomb of the Titan

The Tomb of the Titan (aka Tomb of Giant) side quests were added in v27.05.17. This guide is based on v27.40.06. See Patch Notes for changes (if any) after this version.

The quests require the following items:
Ancient Rune - Ti x10Ancient Rune - Te x10Ancient Rune - An x10Ancient Rune - Ar x10Amethyst Piece x6 The quests require the following raid missions:
Protection of Heaven's Altar (Rank 4)Occulta General's Room (Rank 4)Inside the Crater: Sekhmet (Rank 4) The quests require killing monsters in the following maps:
Bahama Prophet's ForestTierra Putrefacta
Synopsis : Selva received a scroll from Orden, who claimed it would grant her wish. Invierno identified some words: "Ferruccio, petrified titan, tomb of titan, archspell, purification". Selva went to Tierra Putrefacta. Orden offered to cure her arm if she would serve him. Selva refused, claiming Orden to be a deceiver like Montoro. You told Selva that Orden was a piece of the god of wind, who was sealed by a dem…

Taiwan Update: Storm & Dragon

Taiwan server has updated to Revelation of Stars: Storm & Dragon (v27.40.06) patch on June 14, 2017. They haven't update for so long, it went unnoticed... Meanwhile, Thai server is on v26.60.82 (The Symphonia Episode 2-2).

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Photobucket Fails

Photobucket has suddenly disabled all direct image links, unless you pay an annual ransom of $399. This basically breaks many images on this blog, as they are hosted there. The reason I used Photobucket was because they allowed direct image links with static URL and fixed file names. Other image hosts, such as Imgur, either do not have static URL or randomly rename your files after upload.

Now, Photobucket has removed the only reason to use their ad-laden service. 😒 I have removed the previous blog template and used a built-in Blogger template for now. But many of the old posts probably have images that are broken. There are simply too many posts to fix. Meh.

Also replaced the default Blogger comment system to Disqus. Hopefully, I did it correctly. Let me know if there's any issue.

If you want to use RSS for this blog, the link is

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