[KOR] New character—Navas (any bracelet).   ⭐   [SEA] Spring Grabber Event until Oct 4, Rubiana's Blessing Event until Oct 10.

SEA Update v29.99.94

SEA server has updated to v29.99.94, featuring revisions to various quests and scenarios. See Patch Notes v29.99.94 πŸ”— for details. If you are using custom skins, download the latest skin packs (v29.79.16) here to fix the missing gauge bars (i.e. tax bars in world map) for Altria Episode 1.

Also, maintenance is postponed to Thursday for the next 2 weeks. This would probably affect T3Fun server as well. See Maintenance Schedule Changes for Sep-Oct 2018 πŸ”—.

Localize Mod: Change Appearances

Read Modifying Localize File first. The following are some examples on changing appearances. There are a few columns in the data table to understand:
FileName = the file to load for the specific item/character/etc.MaterialSet = the XML file that modifies the file listed in FileName, usually for creating a variant of the original.ParticleName = the default glow for weapons, weapon costumes, and buffs.ParticleCount = the amount of glow for the weapons, weapon costumes, and buffs.EmitterName = alternate glow group for weapons, weapon costumes, etc. Generally, to replace one thing with another, you need to find the ClassNames of both things, then find the respective values (including "None") for the desired columns. Note that an event item is considered a separate item from its normal version, so you may want to change both the event item and the normal item. See Jupath Database πŸ”— for a list of weapons and costumes.

Body & Head Costumes
These are found in datatable_item_const…

Localize Mod: Change Sounds

Read Modifying Localize File first. This post is about localizing music and drop sound effects.

This is found in datatable_map.ies file. You can also change the play list of specific maps. For example, I usually play with no music except for the login screen music. This way, hearing music will tell me that the client has disconnected and has returned to the login screen. To have no music except login screen music, use GE Tools to extract bgm.ipf file, then delete all extracted files except for kimjs_granado_espada.wma, then compile IPF from the extracted folder.

However, Bounty Hunter's Guild map uses the login screen music... To remove that, the play list must be changed from Reception_Hall to something else (e.g. Auch).

SetPropertyString("Map", "guild_bounty", "BgmPlayList", "Auch");

This is found in datatable_item_etc.ies and other datatable_item_*.ies files. You can change the drop sounds of various items. This e…

Summer Snow Festival

Europe server is importing Summer Snow Festival from Korean server. Talk to Event NPC and hunt a random monster race in field maps for 30 event quest items. The daily event quest rewards 2 event tickets. The event shop features summer costumes (10-12 tickets) and hats (5-7 tickets), including the newer ones for Judith, Blue Flame Ludin, Ramiro, Viki, Bane, Sirius, JD, Leona, Lynn, Nena, etc.

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SEA & USA Updates

SEA server has updated to Altria Episode 1 (v29.79.16), while USA server has updated from Patch 222150 to Extended Item Slot (v29.58.64; Patch 222195). Leave comments for Altria Episode 1 Scenario quest guide, especially on the quest routes and the latter part derived from Japanese guide. Only a short incomplete guide exists for Recruit Coa πŸ”— quests. If you use skins for USA server, be sure to get the updated skin packs for v29.58.64 here.

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Localize Mod: Change Texts

Read Modifying Localize File first. You can also change text by editing dictionary_local.xml file (extracted from dictionary.ipf), but sometimes multiple entities (items/monsters/characters/etc.) use the same dictionary line. Modifying them within the localize file allows text change to a specific entity.

You can rename monsters to differentiate them from other monsters, such as the clones of bosses in Armonia Gloria and Viego. These are found in datatable_monster*.ies files. You can do this with Resize Stuffs to make the difference more significant.
SetPropertyString("Monster", "monster_arm_mutation1_copy", "Name", "Ubeth Clone");
SetPropertyString("Monster", "monster_arm_mutation2_copy", "Name", "Harz Clone");
SetPropertyString("Monster", "monster_arm_mutation3_copy", "Name", "Hassen Clone");
SetPropertyString("Monster", "monster_arm_mutation4_copy&q…

Patch Notes v29.82.82 - v30.03.19

The following post summarizes changes based on patch notes for Korean live servers from Jun 20 to Aug 08, 2018. See Patch Notes page for other versions.

Added new character—Kiss πŸ”— to Lyndon Box πŸ”—. See also [YouTube] Kiss All Skill Motions πŸ”—.Added skill rings to Chester's Ring Box. Fixed various issues relating to equipment, market search, scenario quests, animation/pose, etc.
Added background image to certain properties.Auto-open Receive Premium Items window when you buy something from cash shop.Fixed various issues with animation, pose, market search, NPC name, and Infinite Challenge boss skill.Modified Red Ball's buff for HP Recovery from 100 to 50.
Added new Rank 7 mission—Camellia Teia. You can enter from Frourio. See here πŸ”— for more information.Added Game Options (Alt + O) to change shortcuts and resolution without restarting game client.Added Guardian Coa to Heavenly Character Card Box.Revised Bahama Prophet's Forest scenarios by reducing…