Website Login Event - April/May 2018

T3Fun (USA) has a new website login event from 4/27 (Fri) until 5/26 (Sat), 2018. Simply login to T3Fun GE Website πŸ”—, click on the Gift Box icon, and click Claim button on the popup section.

The event rewards include Code Name L Card, Lady Rachel Card, Expert Enchantment Chip x333, Enhanced Enchantment Tranquilizer x175, Strata Devil Armor x3, Grade 36 Weapon Box x4, Strata Devil Weapon x4, Magic Accessory x3, Growth Stone x10, etc.

For tips on automated login and clicks, see 12 Days of Christmas.

SEA Update + Lhote Renewal Event

SEA server has been updated to v29.33.53 (Revised Lhote). There is also an imported event from Korean server that gives a free Lhote Card, essentially doing a daily event mission for event items.

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Play Time Event: April-July 2018

USA server has started another Play Time Event πŸ”— for 4/25-7/04, 2018 (71 days). The featured rewards are Empyreum Judith Card (3000 points), Becky Card (3000 points), Weapon Costume Summon Stone - Cursed (1400 points), and Evil Accessory Summon Stone (1000 points). You need an average of 119 points (19.8 hours) per day to get all 4 featured rewards. See also Play Time Event Notice πŸ”—.

Hermes' Sharing Event

European server continues with Part 2 of the Spring Events imported from Korean server. The rewards include Accessory Summon Stones (Event) for Magic, Bristia, Evil, Advanced (e.g. Enhanced Will of Argus), and Strata Devil.

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New USA Server

IMC Games will be opening a new USA server under the management of Granado Espada SEA (now renamed without SEA). Like the current SEA server, it will be based on Steam πŸ”— platform. The server will be located in Virginia, USA.
May 02, 2018 - Sales of Founder's Pack May 09, 2018 - Server Open for Founders May 16, 2018 - Server Open for All  According to their EULA πŸ”—, the current service nations are Australia, Brunei, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, USA, and Canada.

Meanwhile, T3Fun just announced the next Play Time Event πŸ”— for the current USA server, which will run until July 04, 2018. So, for the near future, the two servers would probably coexist. Not sure what will happen in the distant future though.

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Europe Update v29.33.53 + Spring Grabber Event

European server has updated to v29.33.53, which includes Colony War update and Selene's recruitment. The Sainquines Costume Sales include Bloody Sainquin medal. There is also the 1st part of Spring Event, imported from Korean server. During event period, Grabber Pet drops event items, such as rare stance books (e.g. Corsair, Carrier, Placidez, Violetta Ferro).

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Modifying Localize File

You can add your own codes to change certain superficial aspects of the game, including errata for text. Note that all changes are client-sided, so only your modified client can see the changes. Also, certain things (item prices, weapon ATK Rating, etc.) are server-sided, so changing them will only change the display, but not the actual in-game value.

πŸ’£ WARNING! This guide is provided as is. Tamper with the game client at your own risks!

To do this, follow these steps:
Extract ies.ipf file with GE Tools or IPF Extractor.Convert the desired .ies file(s) to .xml and .prn files with GE Tools.Open the .xml file as a xml table or .prn file as a tab-delimited table in Microsoft Excel.Extract shared.ipf file with GE Tools or IPF Extractor.Open localize.scp file in the extracted folder with Notepad.Search for func Localize_USA() in localize.scp file. Replace USA with your client's region (JPN, KOR, DEU).Insert your own codes (see below) anywhere in between the curly brackets {} below func…