[KOR] Altria Ep.1 Preview + New Characters Coa.

SEA Update: Stance Revision

SEA server has updated to v29.47.00 πŸ”— and started Hermes' Sharing Event.

Public Access for New USA Server

The new USA server (Espada) is now open for public access on Steam. There is a launch event GM's Request πŸ”—, which gives Lhote Card and Rascel Card. This is similar to the event for SEA Server Grand Opening.

Furthermore, it now requires Windows 7 or higher to run. See Incompatibility with Earlier Windows πŸ”—.

For purposes of categorizing in this blog, "USA server" refers to the USA server by T3Fun. This new USA server by IMC will be grouped under "SEA server" instead. I'm working on the assumption that IMC will mirror updates and events for both servers.

School Diary Event

Europe server has imported School Diary Event from Korean server. The featured rewards are School Look costumes including the new ones for Gracielo, Nena, and Blood Navy/Commander Cano.

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Remote Desktop with Granado Espada

You can use remote desktop applications to control your Windows PC, including games such as Granado Espada. This has been tested on Windows 10 (x64) and Android v7.0, with USA game client (X-Trap 10.2016-2448), Europe game client (X-Trap 10.2016-2460), and SEA Steam client.

On Windows PC
Install Chrome Browser πŸ”—, if you don't already have it.Install Chrome Remote Desktop πŸ”— extension from Chrome Store.You must be using Windows 7 or higher to use this extension.Start Chrome Remote Desktop from Chrome Apps panel in Chrome Browser.You can access Chrome Apps panel by typing chrome://apps in the address bar of Chrome Browser. Click My Computers > Enable remote connections.You may need to sign into your Google account first.Download and install chromeremotedesktophost.msi, if Chrome Remote Desktop asks for it.Click My Computers > Enable remote connections again, if you installed the host from Step 5.Choose your PIN and input it twice, then click OK. Your Windows PC is now ready for…

Reading IES Overview

To read an .ies file, do the following:
Extract ies.ipf file using GE Tools.Convert the desired .ies file(s) to .xml and .prn using GE Tools.Open the .xml file as an xml table or .prn file as a tab-delimited table using Microsoft Excel or similar spreadsheet software.
The .ies files come in a few main groups:
datatable = most data other than monster and NPC.mongenflag = divisions and coordinates of monsters.mongentype = population and id of monsters.npcgen = NPC by map. Map names are listed according to its id. You can check the map id quickly by looking at the URL for a specific map at Jupath GE Database πŸ”—. For example, Armonia Latina πŸ”— has the map id of btlarm01.

Most tables have a few key columns:
id = general group of the data. For example, weapons, necklaces, and costumes are all listed under "Item".ClassID = identity number of a specific data set (character, item, monster, etc.).ClassName = identity name of a specific data set; can be used to reference data in localize …

YouTube Channel RSS Feed

There is still a way to get RSS feeds from YouTube channels. Simply copy the channel id from the channel URL, which is normally, and paste it into the following URL: For example, FatSnake's YouTube channel πŸ”— id is UCD34ZT5VteTcNeUAbVh3KNA, so the feed URL becomes πŸ”—.

As some players prefer to use video guides, I will now add some useful YouTube channels under Pioneer Blogs sidebar (which requires RSS feeds).

Patch Notes v29.38.75 - v29.58.64

The following post summarizes changes based on patch notes for Korean live servers. See Patch Notes page for other versions.

Here are the patch notes for the past 8 weeks... There's barely anything new, right? When IMC first introduced the scenario episodes, it was meant to be 1 episode per month. The last scenario (The Symphonia Final Episode) was 23 weeks (5+ months) ago. IMC has been slowing down their development of Granado Espada for quite a while now. Perhaps running out of ideas, or losing interest? πŸ˜•

Added new costume sets πŸ”— for Scarlett, Ciel, and Hermes as cash packages.Added Doom Slave to Heavenly Character Card Box.Removed Time Crystal quests. Dr. Torsche no longer produces Evil weapons. Added new NPC in Viron for acquiring Evil weapons.Movement speed in town will not be affected by stance. SP will always recover in town.Fixed some quest and tool-tip issues.
Fixed invisibility detection and missing costumes in dress room.Started Wake Up Grabber Event …