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Block List

You can block nuisance players or unblock accidentally-blocked players. Blocking a family will block the family's individual trade, whisper, and squad operations. Unfortunately, it doesn't stop him from spamming duel requests while you are busy checking out the market.

Use Alt-F3 to open up the Block List. You may then add/delete family name directly. (This block list isn't listed under Menu, so you must use the hot-key.) You may also right-click on a character and select Block instead.

Old Woman & Cabinet Pieces

Since v2.1.18, the old woman located near the waypoint in Auch (D4) offers a repeatable quest to collect 20 Cabinet Pieces. The Cabinet Pieces are dropped by Succeed Reagent (Lv.81) in Prison de Joaquin, Schivarliere. (Succeed Reagent is renamed as Successful Subject in v2.4.)

By clicking on one Overturn Box, all the Succeed Reagents in that channel will spawn from the Overturn Boxes (see map below). This can be done only at 1pm or 10pm (server time, i.e. GMT+8 for sGE), and lasts for about 30 minutes.

Giving a full collection of 20 Cabinet Pieces to the old woman will give a random reward:
Pure Gold Bar x3 (most common)
Lv.76 Unique Weapon RecipeLv.52 Elite Weapon/Armor Recipe (v2.4)
Lv.68 Elite Weapon/Armor Recipe (v2.4)
Key of Bellem (aka "Key of Balem" in v2.1.18)When a key is produced, the Old Woman says, "This is the key. It looks like a new key but look at the year it was manufactured - 1521! Hmm.. It is the year Queen Esperanza was born. Here it is. I have no idea h…

Siegmund & Area Vouchers

A mini-boss called Siegmund spawns in each room of a specific dungeon, namely Al Quelt Moreza Parsonage (Lv12), Tetra Ruins Catacomb (Lv29), and Porto Bello Cabin (Lv41). Kill him to get an area voucher for that room. (You may only have one area voucher of each room in your inventory.) See the annotated maps below for room numbers.

Collect all area vouchers of that dungeon and trade them for a random reward at the quest stone (located near the pioneering memorial at dungeon entrance). The random reward may be a +1 ring (random skill), a key to spawn the boss at the lowest level of that dungeon (Dilos Latemn, Treasure Golem, or Chimera), or EXP cards (most common reward).

Tips: Unlike other items, the area voucher can only be picked up by the family who killed Siegmund, and you may only have 1 area voucher of each room in your inventory. So to pass an extra voucher to your squad mate, you have to drop the existing voucher in your inventory (which is free for all to pick up) then pick up …

Pioneering Quests: Auch


Simon Ayende's First Request
NPC: Eleonore
Location: City of Auch, C5
Reward: Auch Return Sheet* x3
Give Nunez's letter and Jonathon's letter to Eleonore in Auch (C5). If you do not have these quest items, see Pioneering Quests: Coimbra.
Go to Villa De Libertad (Auch, J7) and speak to Simon Ayende, the Republican leader.Defeat the Gang of Rogues
NPC: Eleonore
Location: City of Auch, C5
Reward: 30,000 vis
Collect 70 rogue seals by killing Corlien Dynamiters (Lv50) in El Lago de Tres Hermanas.Investigation & Occupation of the Haunted House
NPC: Eleonore
Location: City of Auch, C5
Reward: Hrin's Potion* (also called Steriod Potion) x5
Collect 3 seals of the pioneer (Lv5) from the pioneering memorial by hunting at Dr. Torche's Mansion, reception hall or grand library.Simon Ayende's Second Request
NPC: Eleonore
Location: City of Auch, C5
Reward: None
Go to Villa de Libertad (Auch, J7) and speak to Simon Ayende again. He will give you his letter and send you on the ne…