Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Siegmund & Area Vouchers

A mini-boss called Siegmund spawns in each room of a specific dungeon, namely Al Quelt Moreza Parsonage (Lv12), Tetra Ruins Catacomb (Lv29), and Porto Bello Cabin (Lv41). Kill him to get an area voucher for that room. (You may only have one area voucher of each room in your inventory.) See the annotated maps below for room numbers.

Collect all area vouchers of that dungeon and trade them for a random reward at the quest stone (located near the pioneering memorial at dungeon entrance). The random reward may be a +1 ring (random skill), a key to spawn the boss at the lowest level of that dungeon (Dilos Latemn, Treasure Golem, or Chimera), or EXP cards (most common reward).

Tips: Unlike other items, the area voucher can only be picked up by the family who killed Siegmund, and you may only have 1 area voucher of each room in your inventory. So to pass an extra voucher to your squad mate, you have to drop the existing voucher in your inventory (which is free for all to pick up) then pick up the area voucher from the freshly killed Siegmund.