Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Old Woman & Cabinet Pieces

Since v2.1.18, the old woman located near the waypoint in Auch (D4) offers a repeatable quest to collect 20 Cabinet Pieces. The Cabinet Pieces are dropped by Succeed Reagent (Lv.81) in Prison de Joaquin, Schivarliere. (Succeed Reagent is renamed as Successful Subject in v2.4.)

By clicking on one Overturn Box, all the Succeed Reagents in that channel will spawn from the Overturn Boxes (see map below). This can be done only at 1pm or 10pm (server time, i.e. GMT+8 for sGE), and lasts for about 30 minutes.

Giving a full collection of 20 Cabinet Pieces to the old woman will give a random reward:
  • Pure Gold Bar x3 (most common)
  • Lv.76 Unique Weapon Recipe
  • Lv.52 Elite Weapon/Armor Recipe (v2.4)
  • Lv.68 Elite Weapon/Armor Recipe (v2.4)
  • Key of Bellem (aka "Key of Balem" in v2.1.18)
When a key is produced, the Old Woman says, "This is the key. It looks like a new key but look at the year it was manufactured - 1521! Hmm.. It is the year Queen Esperanza was born. Here it is. I have no idea how to use this, but it might bring you a good luck. If that happens, don't forget about me!"

The Key of Bellem is used to access Bellem Ruins in Island of Fire (v2.4).

Tips: Note that server time may differ from your local computer clock by a few minutes. The best way to find out the time difference is to note your local computer time when Colony War starts every Sunday at 8pm (server time).

Note: Cabinet Pieces are NOT Puzzle Pieces. Puzzle Pieces are acquired from Failed Subjects in the final part of Bernelli's Prison de Joaquin's Secret quest. For now, nobody knows what to do with Puzzle Pieces.

v3.2 Update: The regeneration schedule for the Overturn Box in Prison de Joaquin has been increased to 6 times a day - 1000hrs, 1300hrs, 1600hrs, 1900hrs, 2200hrs, 0100hrs. See v3.2 Patch Notes.