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SEA Update: The Symphonia Final Episode

SEA server has been updated to The Symphonia Final Episode (v28.83.31). See Maintenance for Dec 27, 2017 ๐Ÿ”— for patch notes. If you are using custom skins, you have to update button.bmp to add the missing icons. Also, delete familyskill1.bmp and familyskill2.bmp from skin folder to use the default files instead.

Christmas 2017

IMC has released the Christmas Event 2017, which will be exported to other regional servers. Talk to Event NPC (Leona) in Reboldoeux to start the event.

๐ŸŽ…๐ŸŽ„ Pioneer Diary & Wings
If you have at least Family Lv.20, you can claim Leona's Pioneer Diary and 3 Snow Angel Wings (Event; 7 days) from Event NPC. Tip: You need 4 Master Lv.1 characters and 1 Veteran Lv.2 character to reach Family Lv.20.

The diary runs for 14 days, giving AR33-34 Weapon Box (x2), AR35-36 Weapon Box (x1), Master Card (x2), Character Card Box III (x1), etc. Snow Angel Wing grants AR+1, DR+1, ATK +10%, DEF +10, HP +1500, SP +300, and HP Absorb 5%. The wings are automatically activated.

๐ŸŽ…๐ŸŽ„ Daily Event Quest
Collect Christmas Event Token x30 by killing monsters of a randomly determined race in the field maps. These quest items drop on the floor and can be looted by squad members. Like other similar events, the quest items stop dropping when the quest family has the required amount in inventory.

Trade the qu…

12 Days of Christmas

USA server has started a Christmas event. Login to T3Fun webiste ๐Ÿ”— each day and click to claim an item. A reminder that the website uses Flash, so Firefox may not work properly. Use Chrome.

Rare Character Merchant Summon Stone includes any one selected character—Asoka, Ralph, Cadet Elisa, Cadet Adriana, Battle Smith Idge, Battle Cook Panfilo, Emilia the Sage, or Soho of the Wind. Ring Box Package contains 10 of each skill ring box—Chester, Veiren, Curan, Richard, and Genos.

The four mystery rewards for complete attendance are Nina Card (Event), Enhanced Accessory Merchant Stone (Event), Pioneer Piercing (All Stats +3) artifact, and Christmas Blessings (ATK +3%, Penetration +3, Immunity -3) medal x3.

๐Ÿ’ก Tip: Automated Logins/Clicks
You can use freeware TyperTask ๐Ÿ”— to automate website login and clicks, using a series of normal text (username and password), {click x,y} codes, and {delay=number} codes. Click code requires screen coordinates that you can find with Options-Track Mouse. Del…

USA Update: The Symphonia Episodes 3+4

USA server has been updated to The Symphonia Episodes 3+4 (v28.50.39; Patch 222000). The previous update was almost 3 months ago. The new X-Trap is 10.2016-2396.

It seems T3Fun did not post all the patch notes. The update actually patches up to Episode 4. Kael (v28.45.94) is included, but not the skill updates (v28.56.40), so I'm assuming we are at v28.50.39, just like European server.

If you are using skins, you may need to update button.bmp file by copying and pasting the buttons for Rank 7 and Extra missions.

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Rubiana's Blessing Event

European server has imported Rubiana's Blessing event for 57 days until Jan 30, 2018. (For Korean server, this was the update event for The Symphonia Final Episode patch.) You can collect event tokens by talking to Event NPC (x50), clearing 10 ranks worth of missions (x100), or hunting monsters in fields. The rewards include Curse/Vernier Weapon Costumes, Expert Enchant Chips, Character Card Box III, etc. Besides fixed reward packages, you can also use excess tokens in the reward shop.

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Patch Party Emblems

The family and party emblems have never worked for American server, probably because T3Fun can't be bothered to set up a server for players to upload their own emblems. Other servers allow uploading of emblems, but the emblems may not be working properly for bonus roulette and single roulette.

This modification is necessary for the bonus roulette and single-item roulette (e.g. Letizia's Shiny Box) to use the URL defined by client.xml file (see Part II below). If your game client already shows the emblems properly for both the bonus roulette and single-item roulette, skip to Part II.

For SEA server, if you are using the ui.ipf file from here, the modifications are already included. Otherwise, do the following:
Extract ui.ipf with GE Tools.For SEA server, use ui00041.ipf instead. Open singlerullet.xml in Granado Espada\ge\ui\uixml folder with Notepad.Find the line which begins with <webpicture (usually line 5) and replace url="http://someip…