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Christmas 2017

IMC has released the Christmas Event 2017, which will be exported to other regional servers. Talk to Event NPC (Leona) in Reboldoeux to start the event.

🎅🎄 Pioneer Diary & Wings
If you have at least Family Lv.20, you can claim Leona's Pioneer Diary and 3 Snow Angel Wings (Event; 7 days) from Event NPC. Tip: You need 4 Master Lv.1 characters and 1 Veteran Lv.2 character to reach Family Lv.20.

The diary runs for 14 days, giving AR33-34 Weapon Box (x2), AR35-36 Weapon Box (x1), Master Card (x2), Character Card Box III (x1), etc. Snow Angel Wing grants AR+1, DR+1, ATK +10%, DEF +10, HP +1500, SP +300, and HP Absorb 5%. The wings are automatically activated.

🎅🎄 Daily Event Quest
Collect Christmas Event Token x30 by killing monsters of a randomly determined race in the field maps. These quest items drop on the floor and can be looted by squad members. Like other similar events, the quest items stop dropping when the quest family has the required amount in inventory.

Trade the quest items to Event NPC for Leona's Ticket x5, Ring Box (randomly - Richard, Genos, etc.) x1-3, Soul Crystal x3-5, Veteran G EXP Card x1-3, Training Card G x1-2. Leona's Tickets can be traded for various items:
  • 1 Ticket = Christmas Red Sock (EXP +30% for 30 minutes)
  • 2 Tickets = Expert G EXP Card
  • 10 Tickets = Sant Hat for Adelina, Emilia, Asoka, etc., Snow Angel Wing Shape Coupon
  • 15 Tickets = Santa Costume for Fighter, Adelina, Emilia, Asoka, etc.
  • 20 Tickets = Santa Barrol Hat, Leona's Charmant Hair, Constellation Weapon Summon Stone
  • 30 Tickets = Santa Barrol Costume, Leona's Charmant Costume, Evil Weapon Summon Stone
  • 45 Tickets = Strata Devil Weapon Summon Stone

🎅🎄 Event Medals
Complete the event quests 5 times during the first 2 weeks to gain Christmas Miracle (ATK +2%, Penetration +2) medal. Complete the event quests 5 times during the last 2 weeks to gain New Year Miracle (DEF +3, Immunity +2) medal.

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