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Imperial Wheel S 97

Imperial Wheel S has been updated for 02/25-03/04, 2015. The featured items are Armonia Rosario, Avalanche Costume Set for Lisa, Vigilar Coat, and Abyss Weapons.

Europe Update: Armonia Final Episode

Europe server has been updated to Armonia Final Episode (v23.90.89). There will be 40% discount on Enchantment Separation/Combination until 03/03, 2015.

All monsters in Bahama, Errac, Viron, and Armonia field maps will drop weapon materials, such as Dream of Devil, Crest of Dark Priest, etc. All bonus roulette will give double normal rewards. Divino Pet Box is also available as 100th Lyndon Box bonus. These events last until 03/10, 2015.

The file includes Korean voices for Elizabeth, Anise, and Van.

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[24/02] Scheduled Patch - 23.90.89: 1387
Upgrade Your Gears Event 1/27-2/03, 2015
Gift from Anis Event 3/03-3/17, 2015... See also SkyDragon's event guide.
Avalanche Costumes + Rhino/Diablo Pets 3/03-3/17, 2015

Thai Update: Armonia Episode 1

Thai servers have updated to Armonia Episode 1 (v21.84.39) on Feb 23, 2015.

Looking for the latest Thai se.ipf file. Please upload and share if you have the game client. It appears Thai GE no longer uses voice-overs in Thai, defaulting to Korean instead.

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Patch Highlights v23.97.53 ~ v24.10.28

The following post summarizes some changes based on patch notes for Korean live servers. American server is STILL stuck at v22.80.01. See Patch Notes page for earlier versions.

2015 Elation Event

Celebrating the Year of the Sheep (or sometimes Goat)... Login and talk to Event NPC (Nena) in Reboldoeux for 10 days to receive 2015 Elation Statue artifact (ATK +5%, All Stats +1; permanent).

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UI Skin - Rouge

Added updated UI Skin - Rouge for Armonia Final Episode (v23.63.43) to UI Skins folder. All skins are backward compatible.

See UI SKINS page for setup instructions and more skins.

About File Hosts
I have reverted to using MediaFire instead of Dropbox for regular downloads, mainly because MediaFire offers free 50 GB storage instead of Dropbox's 2 GB storage. MediaFire also automatically tracks total number of downloads. I will still use Dropbox for private patching, but other downloads would be hosted on MediaFire instead.

Singapore Update: Armonia Episode 3

Singapore servers have been updated to Armonia Episode 3 (v22.80.81). Meanwhile, T3Fun is still sleeping on the patch... See also Valentine's Day 2015 for the new event.

The latest sound effects file for this version is available here, courtesy of Christian Kasim. This file includes Snow Montoro, Jane, Jin, and Patrick, Loretta, and Cadet Leonele. It seems that the newer voices are in Korean. Only the older characters (e.g. Catherine, Ania) are in English. Files from other versions are available at the link below.

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Valentine's Day 2015

Another AFK event designed to waste Pet Food because IMC doesn't want you to AFK in town without spending Feso... Collect event items in fields, then trade them to Event NPC (Mary) in Reboldoeux for your choice of rewards:
Twinkling Ore x2 = Medal of Honor D, Training Card B (Event), Veteran EXP Card, or Triumph Filler (Event)Twinkling Ore x10 = Combat Manual - Master (7 days) or Tactics Manual - Master (7 days)Twinkling Ore x40 = Common Artifact Material (e.g. Moon Piece, Vampire Heart)

Also, Mysterious Doors will spawn randomly in field maps for an event daily mission, similar to Claire's Carnation Event. You must have at least Family Level 15 to participate in this event mission.

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Imperial Wheel S: 2/06-10, 2015

Imperial Wheel S has been updated for 2/06-10, 2015, featuring Vigilar Armor (DR34) and updated Divino Pet. The featured reward also includes character cards, stance rings, etc. I can't be bothered to type all out. I'd just write about the new stuffs...

Grow Lyndon & Enhancing Spree Events

Again, T3Fun still refuses to patch to Armonia Episode 4.

Master of Strengthening (Feb 04-26, 2015) rewards players who successfully enhance up to 2 (AR31+) weapons and 2 (DR30+) armors. The base +0 weapon/armor cannot be older than 1 month at the start of event, and all enhancements must be done during event period.

The reward will be inserted within 24 hours in 2 batches - Feb 11 and 26, 2015. You must send a ticket to participate in this event. See event details for specific instructions. The featured new rumins are Kore, Kalyke, and Eukelade.

Crystal Hogger (Feb 04-28, 2015) rewards the top 20 players who accumulate the most Shiny Crystal Chests during the event period.Winners will be announced in the forums on March 03, 2015.

Grow Lyndon Event(Feb 04-24, 2015) rewards Sabre Tiger Pet (ATK vs Monsters +20%, Penetration +5, Critical +10) for training the event character Lyndon to High Master. Lyndon will be deleted after the event.