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Singapore Update: Armonia Episode 3

Singapore servers have been updated to Armonia Episode 3 (v22.80.81). Meanwhile, T3Fun is still sleeping on the patch... See also Valentine's Day 2015 for the new event.

The latest sound effects file for this version is available here , courtesy of Christian Kasim. This file includes Snow Montoro, Jane, Jin, and Patrick, Loretta, and Cadet Leonele. It seems that the newer voices are in Korean. Only the older characters (e.g. Catherine, Ania) are in English. Files from other versions are available at the link below.


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Ashardalon said…
Thanks. Uh, why are the voices in Japanese? I thought sGE has its own English voices... well, used to have at least.
Lectem said…
Oh wait, it might be because I once replaced some japanese voices.. sorry I totally forgot since I never play with sounds. The latest voices should be in english though...
Christian Kasim said…
se sge ipf